Get Going Now for Bargain Retro Chic

I had such fun putting together my Bargain Retro Chic look for you all today, but you must make haste, because bargains come and bargains go, and some of these wonderful deals will be gone before you know it.

From Lush Limited Apparel and Makeup, is the Just a Girl mesh striped corset.  I’ll admit, I purchased it the moment I saw it at the regular price because the bright blue and white stripes with the ruffled hem just made me smile.  Lucky you, though, if you hurry over to Lush on Thursday, March 22 you can bring it home as part of Fifty-five Linden Thursdays.

My hair and sunglasses are part of the March/Summer Abroad 1955-1960 theme going on at The Attic @ The Deck, where everything is just $95L.  To give me that retro look I was searching for, I’m wearing Exile‘s unrigged mesh hair with color-change ribbon called She Loves You and Miel Meow Peepers sunglasses from the Candy Floss pack.

Finally, by adding The Square bag in blue from Fleshtone, not on sale, but a bargain nonetheless at only $99L, and summery white harem pants with side-tie sash from the outlet at Milk Motion, I’m ready for sun-shiny days with a little pocket change still left over.

Style Card:


Blouse: Just a Girl mesh corset – Striped – Lush Limited Apparel & Makeup

Pants: My Harem Pants – White – Milk Motion


Hair: She Loves You – Exile at The Attic @ The Deck

Sunglasses: Meow Peepers – Candy Floss – Miel at The Attic @ The Deck

Jewelry: Milky Way – White Necklace/Bangles – Mandala

Handbag: The Square – Blue – Fleshtone

Shoes: Ribbon Slingback Shoes – Orange – G Field


Lips: Glitz Couture Turquoise Lips – Changing Faces

Nails: Metallic White Chalk Nails – PurpleMoon


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