Weaving a web of silver thread

Black and silver…always better than black and white, because you sparkle; and this fun Opera set from Belladonna Couture does just that.  I love the casual ease of the half-Tee that at the same time is dressed up with silver bands at the sleeves and mid-drift.  The flared skirt is made for dancing.  Along with its natural, easy motion, the swirls of silvery horizontal stripes draw the eye to your legs.  The two-piece Opera outfit is also available in black with plum stripes.

You simply can’t go wrong with black and silver, because you have so much room to play with accessories to really make this outfit your own.  I chose magenta and lime as accents, and Finesmith‘s  Aesthetic Value – Fusion set and K-Code Purple Night boots were just the ticket.  This is one of my favorite parts of this outfit…if you look closely at my lips you will see not 1, but 4 different colors in the lipstick…how fun is that?  Lush Limited Apparel & Makeup is newer on my radar, but I love their Coco’s Colorblock Lip Stains to add a little funk to any outfit.

Carrying the horizontal striping from the skirt up, I’m wearing a headband from Lagyo in iron.  WTG Jewelry/Nail combo and black and silver heart earrings from the Cupid set, their St. Valentine’s Day gift for February, 2012, finish this ensemble.

Style Card

Outfit: Opera Black & Silver – Belladonna Couture


Hair: Liberty in Noisette – Vanity Hair

Headband: Leather Headband Iron – LaGyo

Necklace/Bracelet: Aesthetic Value – Fusion – Finesmith

Rings/Nails/Earrings: Cupid, February 2012 Group Gift – WTG

Shoes: Purple Night Boots – K-Code


Eye Makeup: Costa Rican Coast – [mock] Cosmetics & Jelly Bean Blueberry Lemon – Oceane’s Body Design

Lips: Coco’s Colorblock 2 – Lush Limited Apparel & Makeup


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