Avril – the full package tied with a bow

Sometimes you run across an outfit that needs no embellishment, and accessories would only detract from the beauty that is already there.  I fell in love with Avril in White from RFyre for this very reason.  The embellishment is in the layers of white silk, the sheer chiffon blouse that covers without covering the skin, the gentle twining of the embroidered vines along the front and back, and the cherry red bow on the standup collar. 

This outfit is 3 outfits in one, one of the hallmarks you see often with RFyre outfits, which means, you get multiple wear options.  Wear the blouse and skirt alone, or with the leggings; or forgo the skirt and wear just the pants and blouse.

You may also choose with or without bow, but I couldn’t resist wearing the bright red bow.  It is like the cherry on top of the sundae.  It is just the right accessory, really…the only one you need, and what caught my eye to begin in this sea of shimmery white.  This outfit is the full package all tied up with a bow.

Style Card:

Outfit: Avril Women’s in White – RFyre

Hair: Ouzo – LOQ

Eye Makeup: – Silver Goddess – Changing Faces, Eyeshadow A 010 – Aleida

Lips: Red 02 – Izzie

Lashes: Luscious 039 – Redgrave

Nails: Metallic White Chalk – PurpleMoon

Shoes: Vanity Ankle Boots – Dark Red – Drakke!

Poses: Diesel Works Poses & Animations


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