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This Petite Battle Fairy is NO angel

This pixie is no angel.  In fact, they say that pixies are too bad for heaven, and too good for hell, because you can’t take the mischief out of a pixie.  In my Petite Battle Fairy outfit, new from Angelwing, at least I look like an angel with my white wings and magical staff.  Maybe I’ll be an avenging fairy angel, protector of the innocent, all ready to smite foes of any size in a divine battle with one blast from my staff. *Considers the magical staff, appraising it visually, eyes narrowing with a twinkle of intention* I wonder if I can call down the wrath of God with this thing.  I just may try, but first I think I’ll test it out by  delivering someone a surprise hot-foot.  *wings lift and fluff in anticipation as she looks around for victims*  Nope…just can’t take the mischief out of the pixie.

Petite Battle Fairy from Angelwing is on special now at the Fantasy Faire through Sunday.  Your chariot is here.


Outfit/Wings/Jewelry & Staff: Petite Battle Fairy – Angelwing – Fantasy Faire and mainstore

Hair: Bridgette Petite – Glamorous Sin

Pose: Morgane Batista Poses Shop


Last Chance for Kawaii Fair Exclusives

Kawaii Fair, where cupcakes really do grow on trees, will be wrapping up this Saturday, which makes it the perfect time for a lag-free visit to pick up the exclusive Kawaii Fair items and the gifts…oh so many free gifts everywhere throughout the fair.

Kawaii Fair at first glance is heaven for the cutesie and eclectic, but mixed in amongst the whim and whimsy are some great trendy finds as well.  Here is a mix of a little of each, featuring Lush Limited’s Kawaii Fair collection, combined with other Kawaii Fair gems and gifts I snatched up.


Lips: Bumble Bee Lip – Kawaii Fair Collection – Lush Limited

Blouse: My Summer Top Blue/Yellow – .:cheeky:. at the Kawaii Fair

Hair: She Sells Sanctuary – Shag

Necklace: Sylvanas Bead & Chain Necklace – [skream!]


Bow: Ladybug Bow – Kawaii Fair Collection – Lush Limited

Satchel: Ladybug Satchel – **SHINE** Kawaii Fair Free Gift

Dress: Chloe – ArisAris at the Kawaii Fair

Hair: Jules – Exile


Lips: Taste the Rainbow – Kawaii Fair Collection – Lush Limited

Bikini: Over the Rainbow Bikini – Orsini Kawaii Fair Free Gift

Pose & Prop: Gift Rainbow – Eternal Dream Poses Pose Fair Free Gift

Hair: Medusa – !!Creatives! hair

Here is your chariot to Lush Limited at the Kawaii Fair, running now though Saturday, April 28.  Also mark your calendar for Lush Limited’s very first show happening on May 4th at 6pm where they will introduce their new Spring/Summer line.

Siren’s Song

While browsing the Fantasy Faire, I stumbled across my friend and White Armory colleague Theta Marseille’s (Cooperstone) Mermaid Treasures Boutique booth on the Siren’s Secret sim.  As a sometimes mer on another avi of mine, I have been a fan of her work for sometime.  Her shop looked great, and I dropped her a line to tell her that she seems to be becoming one of the forerunners of mer fashion and accessories these days from what I’ve been seeing.  She sent me the lovely Mer-Mesh Mermaid in Purple, one of her Relay For Life offerings, as a friendship gift, telling me I didn’t have to blog it.  Well…it is simply too stunning not to share with you all, with its iridescent scales and mesh fit that works even without a mer ao, and secondly, it is a Relay For Life item, a very worthy cause.  So it is my pleasure to share with you the fish that DIDN’T get away.

Pics by my good friend Ai Hienrichs


Mer Tail/Top: RFL2012 MerMesh Mermaid Purple – Mermaid Treasures Boutique on Siren’s Secret. See more at the Mermaid Treasures Boutique Mainstore

Earring/Accessories: RFL Tribal Purple Accessories – Mermaid Treasures Boutique on Siren’s Secret

Mer Fins/Scales/Archer’s Wick: Lumina Purple – Evie’s Closet

Tiara: – Frida Silver – Utopia

Hair: Messy Hair – Boudoir

Belly Chain: Dove – Silver – Elvenbreath

Bubbles: Sense of Snow – Finesmith

Poses: Underwater – Pose Fair Exclusive – Glitterati

Exclusive RFL Items at the Fantasy Faire Silent Auction

Another Fantasy Faire event to raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer running now through Saturday is the silent auction.  This is a wonderful opportunity to donate to a great cause, while at the same time picking up a designer release that in many cases is a one-of-a-kind donated just for this event. I have the pleasure of sharing one of those auction items with you that is perfect for the male roleplayer out there, Avolas Darkest Elven Avatar from ND/MD Fantasy Skins & Shapes (mainstore location).  There are so many options in this one package that you can truly make it your own.

Avolas comes complete with multiple skins/facial hair options, shape, realistic raised brand tattoos for the face, torso, and arms, two different hair bases, a hair knot option, crystal eyes, with or without elf ear options, and all the clothing you see in the picture, including boots.  This avatar is roleplay ready, and with proceeds going to Relay for Life, bid now…bid often, so he can be yours and yours alone.  Fantasy Faire Silent Auction location at Fantasy Junction.

Style Card:

Avolas Darkest Elven Avatar (avatar & clothing package) – RFL Auction Item- Silent Auction location

Also visit ND/MD Fantasy Skins & Shapes Fantasy Faire Location on the Shifting Sands sim.

Dance the Wild Fairy Dance

Fantasy Faire April 21-29th…NOT just for Fairies

Come and play as the wild fairies play

In a magical circle, a fairy ring.

You won’t want to leave and forever you’ll stay

Where the vision is bright as spring.

Come and dance the wild fairy dance

Spin in a circle as fast as light

Once you begin you are caught in a trance

And the world can grow old in a single night.

Full song: Wild Fairy Dance by Gary Stadler


Wings: Maiestre Wings 10 Pack (RFL Item) – Material Squirrel

Dress: Cerridwen RFL Edition – ::{Elysium}::

Eye Makeup:  RFL Edition – ::{Elysium}::

Lipstick:Soft Kisses 1 – Madrid Solo

Hair: Lys – Vanity Hair

Jewelry: Cycle Set in Amethyst – PurpleMoon – Tropicalia Bazaar

Pose: Manifeste

Styling: Note- All locations are Fantasy Faire locations

Wings: Funky Butterfly Wings (RFL Item) – Pyewicket’s Myths & Mythos

Outfit: Melisell – Fantasy Faire – Elvenbreath

Jewelry: Selva on Earth set in Brown – PurpleMoon

Hair: Mademoiselle Butterfly – Osmose

Pose: “Do You Believe” – Wetcat Poses


Skin: ND/MD Faith Skin – Vamp w/Teeth (RFL Item) – ND/MD Fantasy Skins & Shapes

Wings: Rainbow Wings (RFL Item) – Pyewicket’s Myths & Mythos

Dress: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Hair: Chignon – Osmose

Pose: Corpus


Wings: Harmony Wings with Swirls Petite (RFL Item) – Material Squirrel

Dress: Petite Spring Fairy – Angelwing

Hair: Monique Petite Mesh – Wasabi Pills

Pose: Rook Poses

Start your day the Pixie way

Everyday when I wake up, I lay in bed a moment to listen to the nature sounds.  I hear the birds chirping a good morning to the sunshine and I watch the butterflies flitting outside my hideaway, chasing away the dew.

I get up to gently cover the firefly lamps, both inside and outside, and whisper to the fireflies that it’s time for them to sleep.

Then, I climb into my walnut chair and say a little prayer.  “Oh spirits of nature, please tell me how to be the best pixie I can be,” I murmur reverently…then I listen and I wait.  And I listen…and I wait *wings twitch, squirming in my seat*  And…I listen *wings buzz in irritation*  Grrr…and I wait *lips draw into a pretty pout of impatience.*

And then, I stop listening…and I stop waiting too.  I’m not good at it anyway…the listening or waiting.  And those nature spirits…they never say anything, anyway.  But then *wings perk and face brightens*  I realize why.  You just can’t improve on perfection *laughs bells and flits off*  May your day be filled with mischief and mayhem. ~Minx~


Fantasy Faire RFL Specials:

Petite Hideaway (Fantasy Faire RFL) – Dragon Magick Wares (mainstore) & Fantasy Faire  (April 21-29)

Light Post Silver w/butterflies and fireflies (Fantasy Faire RFL) – Dragon Magick Wares (mainstore) & Fantasy Faire (April 21-29)

Furniture: Walnut Autumn Bed, Walnut Meditation Chair, Sunflower Side-table w Fireflies – Fuzzy Cheeks’s Store (by Bullet Admiral)

Dress: Petite’s Tye Dye Rainbow – Tragic Beauty

Wings: Custom mod

Hair: Monique Petite Mesh in Rye – Wasabi Pills

Designers Gone Mad

When I heard the rumors, I had to take a peek, so I popped over to Styles by Gotter to see if Sofia and Eddie had really gone mad.  And, in fact…they had.  First I gasped in surprise at what I found, then I started buying. They are practically giving the store away, which I proceeded to tell them, because everything, absolutely everything,  is on sale.  Sofia said the reason was that they’ve been one of the best kept secrets in up-and-coming fashion, and this secret’s just too good to be kept any longer.  I have to agree.  I got a taste of their avant line back in January, and promptly added several “one day” items, both avant and otherwise, to my wish list.  But today was the day I snapped them all up.

I slipped into the stylish new Celeste, a black body-skimming dress adorned with white, hand-crocheted overlay, wide corset belt, and a flirty side slit.  It is an updated classic, both sexy and sophisticated.   Then, I went looking for a glass of wine and a date to the symphony.

Style Card:

Dress: Celeste in White – Styles by Gotter.  Also visit their Avant store here.

Shoes: Kalnins

Hair: Colliseum – Vanity Hair

Earrings: Nardcotix freebie

Bracelet: Mess of Bangles Silver & Stripe – Ear Candy