Can’t help but chase the Matador

Is it just my imagination, or is something following me?  Well…it is certainly possible, I suppose.  With a tease and a taunt, like a matador’s cape Matador by Belladonna Couture beckons; “Come and get me”.

This hot little number is a mix of red leather and lace; seen in the sheer lace overskirt, edging the waistband and along the bottom of the swishy flared skirt. Paired with a bold off-the-shoulder blouse, this outfit is deserving of a hearty; “Ole.”

But what is underneathe is even more provocative.  When the “cape” comes off, this set includes a strapless bra and panties trimmed in lace flowers, leaves and hearts with matching red fishnet stockings.  No wonder I’m being followed.

Style Card:


Blouse, Skirt, Bra, Panties and Stockings:  Matador – Belladonna Couture

Shoes: Mum – Black & Red – Lindy


Hair: Lanna – Osmose

Flower Hat: Noir Roses Hat – Chignon – Osmose

Scarf: Sofitel – Angelwing

Earrings: Moon in Scorpio – Chop Zuey

Bracelets: Pearl Rain – Onyx – Mandala

Nails: Mandala

Poses: Glitterati


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