Sweet things come in Petite Packages

“I’m a pixie warrior and rogue, and if you think 4 inches isn’t enough to get the job done…then you must be a man..HA!;” chirps the irreverant fae, laughing bells and zipping just out of reach so as not to get swatted.

Meet Minx Abonwood, bundle of mischief, naughty nuisance, vain and endearing pixie, who also happens to be my first avatar when I joined SL 3 and a half years ago.  She always claimed to be able to change her size to only 4 inches, and now with the introduction of Petite Mesh avatars, she finally can.  What is a Petite?  Only the newest rage on the grid, and a much-needed upgrade to the old Tinies.  No need for  invisiprims that pop out at inappropriate times, or special huds to move.  Petites do everything your full size avatar does, but at a knee-high size, thanks to the flexibility of mesh.  Your aos, dances, poses, they all work for these pint-sized pretties.

“I may look sweet, but I wield a pretty mean hat pin;” she purrs sweetly, a touch of pride in her voice as she pats the tiny hilt strapped to her leg with a flirty tilt of her head.  It is hard to tell if she is playing or serious, but the glint in her eye suggests she is as unpredictable as any fae.  Best not to find out.

What makes the Petite world even more exciting, is some incredible designers on the grid are designing fit-perfect-every time Petite mesh items for them (RFyre, Evie’s Closet, Emotions, Wasabi Pills, AngelWing…to name a few), and in many cases, existing non-mesh items, like Minx’s lovely wings that she is ever so proud of, can be modded down to fit.  It was when Mynerva entered the arena with Petite skins that the balance tipped for me, and I had to turn Minx into a Petite, as I am a die-hard fan of Mynerva skins. Petites aren’t just in the Fantasy genre, though…you can also be a modern girl or guy (yes…there are male Petites as well), a demon, or sci-fi Petite with an added touch of whimsy and that “let me pick you up” cuteness synonymous with all small things.  To give you a size perspective, here is a pic of me and Minx.  She is such a scene stealer, isn’t she?

If you’d like to delve into the world of Petites yourself, you can find most everything you need from a myriad of designers at Petite Avatar Kingdom.  You’ll likely be seeing more of Minx as The Fantasy Faire rolls around, but for now, as Minx would say “Merry Part and winds to your wings.”

Style Card:

Skin/Shape: Petites Avatar – Cream – Mynerva

Hair: Monique Petite Mesh Hair – Rye – Wasabi Pills

Outfit: Petite Ripple- Brown – Silk Worms

Wings: custom mod

Terelyn’s Gown: Athena Gown – The White Armory


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