The Mission – Command Attention

I was having a chat recently with Xi Zane of Lush Limited Apparel and Makeup when she casually passed me a hairstyle she was working on asking; “What do you think?, followed by, “I’m not sure I want to release it.”  To which my shocked response was; “OMG…you HAVE to?”  I loved it on sight and could see the potential this style had.  I teasingly told her it was now my personal mission to style it so well she couldn’t possibly NOT release it….so here are the results.

Here is what I love about Halo, by Lush Limited.  First of all…shape.  It is elegant for dressing up, yet fun for dressing down, accented with little hair scallops along the crown and topped with an avant mega bun.  It is perfect hat hair, and by that I mean all those darling hair pieces and quirky angled hats that we often fight to tuck stray strands of hair into work beautifully with this style, requiring little or no prim manipulation.  Finally, it is low prim, making it perfect runway hair.

I paired Halo with an outfit that is also all about the shape and with a mission of its own, Rosalia – Gaultier inspired, by Aleida.  Introduced at Fashion For Life, this gown is still available at Aleida’s mainstore with the proceeds supporting the American Cancer Society.  The striped nautical-like print and red piping trim is casual on a dress whose bell-skirt shape would otherwise be formal, emphasizing Jean Paul Gaultier’s trend for giving classic fashion a modern and even playful twist. Sensuous shapes like these just command attention.

Style Card:

Hair: Halo – Lush Limited Apparel and Makeup

Gown: Rosalia FFL – Gaultier Inspired – Aleida

Hat:  Nocturn orchyds facinator – LaGyo

Earrings: Bubble Earrings – Cherry – PurpleMoon

Necklace:  Silver Queen – sYs

Bracelets: Mess of Bangles – Silver and Stripe – Ear Candy

Nails: PurpleMoon

Makeup: Adam n Eve

Poses: LAP


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