Pixies don’t get drunk, they get “sugared”

Here comes Minxy Cottontail….fluttering down the pixie trail.  It is a little known fact, that pixies can drink with the best of the big folks and still have wings to fly.  But we do have one weakness.  You see…pixies don’t get drunk, we get “sugared.”  And this weekend…oh joy…is Easter.  Time to play hide an seek with eggs, basket tip, and indulge in CHOCOLATE, oh sweet confection of the gods.  It is party central for pixies this Sunday. I’m all set for the holiday in my bunny costume.  I have some goodies for me, and some for you big folk.  No…I take that back.  I have some for me…and some for…heeheee….MEEEEEE! Mine…mine….MINE *brandishes her hatpin and assumes her Zorro pose in front of the basket laughing bells.*  Seems a little pixie we know has already been indulging.

Style Card:

Skin/Shape: Petite Cream – Mynerva

Hair: Dragon Petite Mesh-Rye – Wasabi Pills

Outfit: Petite Easter Bunny – Glamorous Sin

Basket w/poses: Easter Spill – Rook Poses


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