Designers Gone Mad

When I heard the rumors, I had to take a peek, so I popped over to Styles by Gotter to see if Sofia and Eddie had really gone mad.  And, in fact…they had.  First I gasped in surprise at what I found, then I started buying. They are practically giving the store away, which I proceeded to tell them, because everything, absolutely everything,  is on sale.  Sofia said the reason was that they’ve been one of the best kept secrets in up-and-coming fashion, and this secret’s just too good to be kept any longer.  I have to agree.  I got a taste of their avant line back in January, and promptly added several “one day” items, both avant and otherwise, to my wish list.  But today was the day I snapped them all up.

I slipped into the stylish new Celeste, a black body-skimming dress adorned with white, hand-crocheted overlay, wide corset belt, and a flirty side slit.  It is an updated classic, both sexy and sophisticated.   Then, I went looking for a glass of wine and a date to the symphony.

Style Card:

Dress: Celeste in White – Styles by Gotter.  Also visit their Avant store here.

Shoes: Kalnins

Hair: Colliseum – Vanity Hair

Earrings: Nardcotix freebie

Bracelet: Mess of Bangles Silver & Stripe – Ear Candy


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