Start your day the Pixie way

Everyday when I wake up, I lay in bed a moment to listen to the nature sounds.  I hear the birds chirping a good morning to the sunshine and I watch the butterflies flitting outside my hideaway, chasing away the dew.

I get up to gently cover the firefly lamps, both inside and outside, and whisper to the fireflies that it’s time for them to sleep.

Then, I climb into my walnut chair and say a little prayer.  “Oh spirits of nature, please tell me how to be the best pixie I can be,” I murmur reverently…then I listen and I wait.  And I listen…and I wait *wings twitch, squirming in my seat*  And…I listen *wings buzz in irritation*  Grrr…and I wait *lips draw into a pretty pout of impatience.*

And then, I stop listening…and I stop waiting too.  I’m not good at it anyway…the listening or waiting.  And those nature spirits…they never say anything, anyway.  But then *wings perk and face brightens*  I realize why.  You just can’t improve on perfection *laughs bells and flits off*  May your day be filled with mischief and mayhem. ~Minx~


Fantasy Faire RFL Specials:

Petite Hideaway (Fantasy Faire RFL) – Dragon Magick Wares (mainstore) & Fantasy Faire  (April 21-29)

Light Post Silver w/butterflies and fireflies (Fantasy Faire RFL) – Dragon Magick Wares (mainstore) & Fantasy Faire (April 21-29)

Furniture: Walnut Autumn Bed, Walnut Meditation Chair, Sunflower Side-table w Fireflies – Fuzzy Cheeks’s Store (by Bullet Admiral)

Dress: Petite’s Tye Dye Rainbow – Tragic Beauty

Wings: Custom mod

Hair: Monique Petite Mesh in Rye – Wasabi Pills


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