Siren’s Song

While browsing the Fantasy Faire, I stumbled across my friend and White Armory colleague Theta Marseille’s (Cooperstone) Mermaid Treasures Boutique booth on the Siren’s Secret sim.  As a sometimes mer on another avi of mine, I have been a fan of her work for sometime.  Her shop looked great, and I dropped her a line to tell her that she seems to be becoming one of the forerunners of mer fashion and accessories these days from what I’ve been seeing.  She sent me the lovely Mer-Mesh Mermaid in Purple, one of her Relay For Life offerings, as a friendship gift, telling me I didn’t have to blog it.  Well…it is simply too stunning not to share with you all, with its iridescent scales and mesh fit that works even without a mer ao, and secondly, it is a Relay For Life item, a very worthy cause.  So it is my pleasure to share with you the fish that DIDN’T get away.

Pics by my good friend Ai Hienrichs


Mer Tail/Top: RFL2012 MerMesh Mermaid Purple – Mermaid Treasures Boutique on Siren’s Secret. See more at the Mermaid Treasures Boutique Mainstore

Earring/Accessories: RFL Tribal Purple Accessories – Mermaid Treasures Boutique on Siren’s Secret

Mer Fins/Scales/Archer’s Wick: Lumina Purple – Evie’s Closet

Tiara: – Frida Silver – Utopia

Hair: Messy Hair – Boudoir

Belly Chain: Dove – Silver – Elvenbreath

Bubbles: Sense of Snow – Finesmith

Poses: Underwater – Pose Fair Exclusive – Glitterati


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