This Petite Battle Fairy is NO angel

This pixie is no angel.  In fact, they say that pixies are too bad for heaven, and too good for hell, because you can’t take the mischief out of a pixie.  In my Petite Battle Fairy outfit, new from Angelwing, at least I look like an angel with my white wings and magical staff.  Maybe I’ll be an avenging fairy angel, protector of the innocent, all ready to smite foes of any size in a divine battle with one blast from my staff. *Considers the magical staff, appraising it visually, eyes narrowing with a twinkle of intention* I wonder if I can call down the wrath of God with this thing.  I just may try, but first I think I’ll test it out by  delivering someone a surprise hot-foot.  *wings lift and fluff in anticipation as she looks around for victims*  Nope…just can’t take the mischief out of the pixie.

Petite Battle Fairy from Angelwing is on special now at the Fantasy Faire through Sunday.  Your chariot is here.


Outfit/Wings/Jewelry & Staff: Petite Battle Fairy – Angelwing – Fantasy Faire and mainstore

Hair: Bridgette Petite – Glamorous Sin

Pose: Morgane Batista Poses Shop


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