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Mint Chocolate Chip

My absolute favorite summertime treat is a Mint Chocolate Chip shake made fresh from the ice cream parlor, with just a dash of chocolate syrup blended in with the milk and mint ice cream.  Somehow the minty taste makes the drink seem that much cooler and refreshing.

My inspiration for this outfit came from Blueberry’s Mesh Skinny Pants Mias in Brown, which coordinate so well with chocolate and green accents, making me think of that minty goodness.  This outfit is a wonderful blending of some of our up-and-coming designers on the grid…so shake up your normal shopping haunts and give them a visit to add some new and wonderful things to your wardrobe.


Pants: Mesh Skinny Pants Mias in Brown – Blueberry

Chemise & Panties: Wine Booty Shortset – Graffitiwear

Bolero: Bolero in Green – elly

Belt: High waisted belt snake brown (part of the high-waisted skirt set) – Izzie’s

Shoes: Boula Heels in Brown Green – Blueberry

Hair: Kirby – Truth

Necklace/Earrings: Camelia – Kunglers

Bracelet: Dallagio Celtic Butterfly Bracelet – Alienbear

Nails: Manicure Set 3 – PIDIDDLE

Backdrop:  Cincetta Pack – PNP

Poses: R.icielli


What I Know Now – Part 2

I introduced you to Nyree recently, my cross-cultural girl that is enabling me to put the best of what I’ve  learned in the last two years on Terelyn to use as I launch her into the SL fashion scene.  I’d like to share what I know now, that I didn’t know then, regarding picking a Modeling Academy, to aid new models starting out, and also to encourage seasoned models to share their comments in the post regarding their personal experiences, which may differ from my own.

I have graduated from 3 schools on Terelyn (including Intermediate and Advanced levels), and hope to soon be graduating from 2 more on Nyree.  Why did I put Nyree back through school when I’d already been modeling for so long?  Quite simply, she needed to pay her dues too, and there is always more to learn.  When selecting academies for Nyree, I considered 4 things that I hadn’t known to do when Terelyn went to school  1) Who is teaching, 2) what is being taught, 3)which models stand out in the industry, and 4) which models are working regularly (taking note of which schools they had attended, as well as which agencies they were a part of).

I will say this whole-heartedly….every academy I attended was wonderful and valuable in its own way, and I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for the instructors who contributed so much to my bank of knowledge.  One academy stands out for me though in thoroughness, value and on-going support, and that is Amici Modeling Agency and Academy

Amici, in Italian, means “Friends,” and that is what you will find at the Amici Modeling Agency and Academy, lead by Cara Vespucciano-Grantham and CJ Grantham.  Dedication, passion, drive and focus is evident in everything they do.

Even if you’ve been in the industry for a while, I was amazed at the wealth of information I gained just in conversation with CJ and Cara, even before class started.  I’ve had past instructors say “There are no secrets to getting ahead in the industry.”  But very early on with CJ and Cara, I found they did in-fact have insider tricks and tidbits to help you stand out and make your career  easier and less stressful.  Plus, they are very forth-coming about sharing information, because when you shine, they shine.  They hold their reputation, and their models to a very high standard.  As the production team behind the Miss Mohna Lisa Couture pageant, and some very impressive resumes themselves, they know what works and what doesn’t, what good is, and what excellent is.

And even after you graduate, presuming of course that you’ve put in the necessary effort (this is not an “everyone passes” academy by any means) Amici continues to support you in your career, making opportunities known to you, providing exclusive runway and practice grounds to keep your skills sharp, prim checking you, even creating custom poses if you need them.  This is an atmosphere of sharing and caring that starts with your pre-course interview and continues long past graduation.

The depth of their instruction goes beyond the basics.  Most academies offer on average 5 classes to get you up and running.  Amici offers 15 classes over a 5 week period for less than many of the 5 course agencies on the grid.  Plus, if you are a seasoned model, provided you pass some basic entry tests, you may take their full course as a refresher for 25% off the normal course fee to hone your skills and add to your toolkit of modeling expertise.

I truly wish I’d known about them as a brand new model starting out, because I believe the skills and techniques learned here would have propelled me that much further that much faster.   After completing Amici, if you have done your homework, there will be no runway you can’t walk.  You will have developed a keen eye for detail.  You will even expand your creativity and building skills to create your unique look.  And your confidence as a model will soar.

New sessions are starting June 4th, and application interviews are being conducted this week so you can have all your questions answered and see if Amici is a good fit for you.  Contact either Cara Vespucciano or CJ Grantham for more information and a tour of the academy so you can see for yourself the Amici difference. 

Pink Phase

Didn’t we all go through a pink phase at some time in our life ladies? This outfit is reminiscent of my childhood love of pink, the pinker the better, with many fun pieces to share with you.  First, my Dino mesh vest from Secrets, with its cute dino waiting to pounce on you with a playful Rawr!.  This is a great piece to wear alone or layered over a bandeau, bikini, or t-shirt.  Since we are going casual, it just made since to add blue jeans, then continue my pink theme by making them pop with bubblegum pink Surprise boots covered in star flowers, both from Hot Stuff.

To round out my fun, I couldn’t resist Blueberry’s Flower ring to draw attention to these lovely patterned nails from Moondance Boutique.  Being newly introduced to Moondance, I was delighted with the variety of unique nail options they have.  They even carry nails for those of you in Petite form, because nothing says polished like a perfect set of pretty nails, no matter what size you are.


Shirt: Vest Mesh Rawr Dino – Secrets on Marketplace

Pants: Clodin Jeans in Blue – May Group Gift – Hot Stuff

Boots: Surprise Mesh Boots – Hot Stuff

Nails: Square Short Saffron Swirls 3d – Moondance Boutique

Ring: Flower Ring in Yellow – Blueberry

Bracelets: Idioma – Finesmith

Hair: Daydream Long Mesh – ploom at Collabor88

Makeup: Izzie’s & [mock]

Backdrop: Cincetta Pack – PNP

Poses: Pinup pack – Purple Poses at Perfect Wardrobe

The Mesh Collection by Amarelo Manga

This is what I imagine the women in the islands wear to the office.  No traditional business suits for them, but instead something fresh, chic, and patterned, like this blazer and belt combo from Amarelo Manga’s new mesh collection. Nylons…heavens no.  Instead, dressy shorts and a pretty pair of sandals.  And don’t forget a coordinating hair flower.  Now this is office attire I don’t mind wearing at all, because you can take it from day to an evening out without changing a thing.


Blazer: Blazer Fall Blue (mesh) –  Amarelo Manga

Shorts: Short Fall Black (mesh) – Amarelo Manga

Bag: Crocodile Travel Bag Nude (mesh) – Amarelo Manga

Hair: Desir – Osmose

Shoes: Forever Heels Gold – Glitterati

Earrings: Folieole Maple – Finesmith

Makeup: [mock]

Backdrop: Cinecitta Pack – PNP

Pose: Manifeste

Femme Fatale

Femme by Belladonna Couture is a little bit Grace Kelly, a sprinkling of Jackie O,  with a heaping dash of Audrey Hepburn.  AbbyRose Abbot (Glendevon) took both a simple, yet clever approach to styling this dress, with patterns strategically placed to show off woman curves and clean lines on a backdrop of elegant black.  Blended all together, this dress is all about looking and being a classy and capable lady, no matter what storms come your way.


Dress: Femme – Belladonna Couture

Scarf: Parisian Summer Scarf in Rouge – Pididdle at My Attic @ the Deck

Hair: Minerva – Vanity Hair

Jewelry: Folieole – Maple – Finesmith

Makeup: [mock]

Pose: Morgane Batista Poses

Who is Nyree Soulstar, and what is she doing in my blog?

It all started with a friend telling me she was applying for the Color of Couture pageant several months ago and asking me if I planned to do the same.  I looked at my blond, freckled, pale skinned avatar and had a chuckle at that, and teasingly told her; “I don’t think I’m what they had in mind.”  I know people who change their look drastically in the SL fashion industry.  I’ve changed mine as well over the last couple years, too, but at some point we tend to settle into an identity we deem as “me,” and to change radically from a tweak here or there…well…it just gave me an odd twist in my stomach.  CoC is about more than color though, it is about celebrating differences, and that is a mission I truly believe in, so it left me in a bit of a quandary.

I have lived my RL embracing diversity, even spent years training “Inclusion” on a corporate level in my former days as a manager and sales trainer.  My whole life I have surrounded myself with people of myriad religions, cultures and ethnicities because I am fascinated with differences.  It is what makes people unique and special, and there is always so much to learn when you step outside yourself with an open mind.

In thinking about my RL beliefs on the matter, it left me to ponder my SL life, making me wish for the chance to live out here somewhat “ethnic neutral.”  Could I create a woman who was me, yet could represent the ideals of diversity and inclusion that I hold dear in my life and friendships.  So I dusted off an old roleplay avi of mine and restyled her as the woman I could see in my mind’s eye; a strong confident woman, a little bit enigmatic… with origins unknown. Meet Nyree Soulstar.

It is hard to say if she is part African American, Pacific Islander, Latino, possibly Middle Eastern, or even Italian.  It is an unknown.  She is a wonderful blend, a little bit of each one of us perhaps….and I LOVE that about her.  And so, while Terelyn will always be a part of me, and has commitments in SL that she will continue to honor, you will be seeing more of Nyree in the days to come in OUR blog, and on the grid.


Hair: Laura – Secrets Hair

Outfit & Jewelry:  Call Me Wild Thing – JaZzY’s

Makeup: [mock]

Modernly Organic

Even in charcoal, the sheen on Apple May’s mesh Day Time Maxi dress suggests brushed silk.  It makes you just want to reach out and fondle it.  This is a dress I want in RL, because I can imagine how soft it would feel brushing teasingly against my legs. Available in three lovely colors, this dress is undeniable comfort that makes me think of sunshine, bare feet and umbrella drinks.

In keeping with the organic theme, these pics were shot at Bazar Quality Homes and Furniture, where designer Ria Bazar creates the perfect blend of modern and organic.  I love her homes, with plenty of glass mixed in with natural woods, neutral tones, and water, water everywhere.  The feel is natural, airy, yet upscale and classy.  I just had to dip my Slink Tip Toes in one of her pools.

Nature even inspired my styling, as tree branches and birds adorn my UrbanLutz hair.  And since I was baring some skin to the sunshine, I thought what fun it would be to decorate it with henna tattoos from Lush Limited.


Location: Bazar Quality Homes & Furniture in their Oasis Home demo

Hair: April  w tree limbs and birds – UrbanLutz at Fashion Limited

Dress: Day Time Maxi – Charcoal – Apple May Designs

Tattoos: Ashraya Sleeves – Lush Limited at Ashraya Project

Necklace: Honey Bee – May 2012 Group Gift – WTG

Bracelet: Folieole – Maple – Finesmith

Nails: PurpleMoon

Bare Feet: Ladies Mesh Barefeet – Tiptoes – Slink

Poses: Corpus