Denim and Dots

When we think of play clothes, even as adults, our thoughts naturally turn to denim.  AbbyRose Abbot of Belladonna Couture has made a shortset perfect for summertime fun called Pewter Dots, in two-toned poka dot denim and sweet look-at-me accents, like the open belt and triangle top teasing underneathe this mid-drift-baring jacket.

Quickly becoming a trademark is Belladonna Couture’s trend towards multiple outfits in one box, really amping up the value.  The shortset hints at a bikini peeking out from beneathe, and sure enough…Abby didn’t disappoint, making Pewter Dots an all around fun-in-the-sun ensemble.  This outfit is also available in Royal Blue, for those who would like a brighter alternative.

Finishing off this look, what could be more playful to accent this cute outfit than leather laces with multi-colored beads from mE., along with two-toned eye makeup, with different hues on each eye from MONS and a kiss of blue lipstick from Izzie’s, makeup finds exclusive to the Summer Beauty Festival running now through May 25th.


Outfit:  Pewter Dots – Belladonna Couture

Hair: Shena – Vanity Hair

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Festival in purple & blue – MONS at the Beauty Festival

Lipstick: Lipstick Blue, part of the Lace Masquerade collection – Izzie’s at the Beauty Festival

Necklace/Ring: Pansy Tropical – mE.

Bracelets: Mess of Bangles Silver & Stripe – Ear Candy

Nails: Mandala

Sandals: Audrey – Redgrave

Poses: R.icielli


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