Every Girl Needs a Sundress

Every girl needs a sundress, or two, or three or…..  There is nothing quite as casual, yet sexy as a short girly dress in stripes, solids, geometrics, or even satin sashed paisleys, and Blueberry‘s new Aika mesh sundress comes in all those varieties, 8 different styles and multitude of color combinations.

Here are just two of the paisley options in sherbert pretty colors.  First, the Summer in Orange with lavendar sash, a lovely color combo that is not often seen together. Paired with G Field Alex Patent Pumps with hi-heeled mary-jane styling and Exile Midnight in Paris hair with color change ribbon, I feel like such the girly-girl.

I also wanted to share Summer in Teal with orange sash, which indirectly, I had a hand in designing.  Blueberry made my day when she asked me to pick two colors that I love, and I suggested the teal and orange.  In a flash she had assembled it and passed it my way.  I was delighted and I hope you love it as much as I do.  Be sure to visit the store to see all the different designs and color combos this fun little dress comes in.


Dress:  Aika – Summer in Orange/Summer in Teal – Blueberry Colors United

Shoes: Alex Patent Pumps in Purple/Teal – G Field

Hair: Midnight in Paris – Exile

Nails: French Nails (w rings, jewels & color-change hud) – WTG

Makeup: Pandora’s Mizu Thunderbird (Lip/Lash) – [mock]

Poses: Manifeste


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