Soft, Fluffy and Flirty?

Soft, fluffy, and flirty? Yes, you can have all three.  We usually think of soft and fluffy as cute and cuddly, but this look certainly suggests otherwise.  Soft and fluffy starts with a Fur Bolero from Molichino.  I love this piece with 2 different arm options.  I included the shoulder attachments to give this jacket a winged look, though they can be left off for a more relaxed shape. It adds class to any outfit.  Soft is also color… an aqua dotted corset from TuttiFrutti and mesh shorts from Molichino add casual feminine appeal.

Finally, soft and fluffy is topping the look with not one, but two different hairs, both from Amacci.  I couldn’t decide between Amacci’s Paz and Pythia.  In a lucky accident, I added them both on together and the result was this fluffy updo with soft romantic tendrils.  I LOVE them together…it was like getting a surprise buy 2, get one free hair.  See…soft, fluffy, and flirty…it is possible.


Jacket: Fur Bolero in Snow – Molichino

Corset: Andrea Ruffled Corset – TuttiFrutti

Shorts: Mesh Kaia Shorts in Turquoise – Molichino

Hair: Paz and Pythia (worn together) – Amacci

Jewelry: Folieole in Maple – Finesmith

Poses: Corpus


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