Who is Nyree Soulstar, and what is she doing in my blog?

It all started with a friend telling me she was applying for the Color of Couture pageant several months ago and asking me if I planned to do the same.  I looked at my blond, freckled, pale skinned avatar and had a chuckle at that, and teasingly told her; “I don’t think I’m what they had in mind.”  I know people who change their look drastically in the SL fashion industry.  I’ve changed mine as well over the last couple years, too, but at some point we tend to settle into an identity we deem as “me,” and to change radically from a tweak here or there…well…it just gave me an odd twist in my stomach.  CoC is about more than color though, it is about celebrating differences, and that is a mission I truly believe in, so it left me in a bit of a quandary.

I have lived my RL embracing diversity, even spent years training “Inclusion” on a corporate level in my former days as a manager and sales trainer.  My whole life I have surrounded myself with people of myriad religions, cultures and ethnicities because I am fascinated with differences.  It is what makes people unique and special, and there is always so much to learn when you step outside yourself with an open mind.

In thinking about my RL beliefs on the matter, it left me to ponder my SL life, making me wish for the chance to live out here somewhat “ethnic neutral.”  Could I create a woman who was me, yet could represent the ideals of diversity and inclusion that I hold dear in my life and friendships.  So I dusted off an old roleplay avi of mine and restyled her as the woman I could see in my mind’s eye; a strong confident woman, a little bit enigmatic… with origins unknown. Meet Nyree Soulstar.

It is hard to say if she is part African American, Pacific Islander, Latino, possibly Middle Eastern, or even Italian.  It is an unknown.  She is a wonderful blend, a little bit of each one of us perhaps….and I LOVE that about her.  And so, while Terelyn will always be a part of me, and has commitments in SL that she will continue to honor, you will be seeing more of Nyree in the days to come in OUR blog, and on the grid.


Hair: Laura – Secrets Hair

Outfit & Jewelry:  Call Me Wild Thing – JaZzY’s

Makeup: [mock]


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