Ancestor of Avalon

The mists part as you crest the hill, sunlight just breaking over the valley beneath you, and there below, the gleaming walls of Avalon.  Dressed in your courtly best, and ready for a royal ball, your carriage descends into this land of dreams and romance.

The Ancestor of Avalon gown by Bee Dumpling of The White Armory is a gown that commands attention with its soft blend of grey/blue silk, soft wedgewood-blue tone-on-tone satin and white chiffon.  It is a vision of luxury and feminine grace, rife with many look-at-me details, like the white satin rose at the waist, the rear bustle and back bow, and tiered skirts with silver-jeweled trim.  In this gown, you are ready to take the kingdom by storm.



Gown: Ancestor of Avalon – The White Armory

Hair: Marquise – Osmose

Makeup: Eye Candy – Madrid Solo, and Budding Love Mizu Lipgloss – [mock]

Jewelry: Sofia Jewelry in Diamond and Sapphire – Virtual Impressions

Shoes: White Wedding Gown Stilettos – Wetherby’s

Poses: Diesel Works


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