Forbidden Fruit

There is an innocence to Butterfly Effect by EMO-tions, a cross between a pink silk nightgown, a princess dress, and a fairy frock.  With ribbons wrapping the forearms, a gossamer skirt like butterfly wings, and embellished in diamonds, it needs little adornment other than a wreathe of flowers in your hair.  Ah, but innocence is easily lost to temptation, when forbidden fruit is so easily within in reach.

Already primed to take a bite, soft pink lips, courtesy of Eyelure’s KissKiss LipCreme, moisten.  Lipcremes make you lips look pouty and luscious, adding just a speck of shading to give the appearance of a little dimple in the lower lip, which I think is a sexy.


Gown and Arm Ribbons:  Butterfly Effect – EMO-tions

Hair: Greece (with color-change flowers) – EMO-tions

Lipstick: KissKiss LipCreme in Pick Me Plum – Eyelure

Eye Makeup: May Group Gift – Madrid Solo

Ring: Massive Diamonds Ring (Summer Hunt Item) – Finesmith 

Nails: Mandala

Poses: Pic 1 –  Emanuel Set – WetCat at the Color Blocking Fair,  Pic2 – Model 67 Set – Focus Poses


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