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Big Screen Hollywood Glamour at Hope For Emilia

You’ve heard of the “little black dress.” Emily from Glamour Style is the “little black gown,” classic in its styling, oh so flattering in its design, and exclusive to Hope For Emilia, with proceeds going to aid Italy’s earthquake victims. Harkening back to the age of Hollywood glamour, it makes you think of those on-screen legends of the 30’s and 40’s with its lovely full-length shape bedecked in hand-tooled beadwork sewn into a lovely repeating diamond pattern.  With so many sparklies adorning this gown, I keep thinking how heavy it would be in real life.  Good thing this is SL, where we can shimmer and sparkle the night away without consequence.

Accessories for this gown include lovely Nightingale jewelry from Kunglers, a fur wrap all-tied-up-with-a-bow for brisk evenings out, vintage hair from Vanity and Smokie makeup from Face Paint.


Gown: Emily – Glamour Style at Hope For Emilia

Makeup: Smokie – Face Paint at Hope For Emilia

Hair: Florette – Vanity Hair at Hair Fair 2012

Wrap: Ribboned Fur Wrap (color-change) – Laville

Jewelry: Nightingale Silver – Kunglers

Poses: Runway Series – Pose Sinfully


Of Myth and Legend

Terelyn is mostly retired from modeling these days, with one exception, I am proud to be a White Armory model, and that is a commitment I thoroughly enjoy and continue to honor.  So when Bee Dumpling, comes out with something outstanding, which is all too often, my active model, Nyree,  just has to step down for a piece so that Terelyn can showcase some White Armory magic.

Bee’s newest series is Of Myth and Legend, and the opulence of the fabrics and the detail are certainly worthy of legend.  I am just enamored with the many patterns and fabrics in a color combination she simply calls Seafoam.  This is a gown of many layers, starting with a silvery underskirt, topped by a polka-dot satin overskirt in pale seafoam and tan.  On top of that is a tiered half skirt in taupe and dutch blue draped into a waterfall bustle.  The bodice neatly mixes the two primary skirt patterns, and the whole ensemble is trimmed in soft creams and golds.  This is a princess-worthy gown, so elegant and lovely.  You can see all the color variations of this gown at The White Armory and take yourself back to a time Of Myth and Legend.

Playing with the golds and creams of the gown, I had to add some flowers to my hair.  I’ve also chosen accessories as a modern take on “the lady of the manor,” who was entrusted with a ring of keys to the castle.  My version is LaGyo’s Padlock necklace of pearls, with a gold medallion and set of keys.


Gown:  Of Myth and Legend Gown in Seafoam – The White Armory

Hair: Diva2 in Black Amber – D!va Hair

Necklace: Padlock Necklace – LaGyo

Makeup: Eye Makeup Light Blue & Lip Gloss Natural 1 – Izzie’s

Fantasy Becomes Reality – Hope For Emilia

What would you find on the edge of the world?  I imagine it as a surreal place where reality blurs into fantasy, and anything is possible.   The Hope For Emilia project, raising funds to help Italy’s earthquake victims, enables fantasy to become reality through the generous support of volunteers, patrons, and designers.  Contributions in this surreal SL world are helping the real world to rebuild in a very tangible way.

So as I dance at the edge of the world, I am honored to be outfitted by several of the wonderful designers in SL contributing their efforts and artistry to the Hope For Emilia project.   The inspiration for this post came from Evolve’s Fantasy Mesh dress, with its blend of multi blues and whites, and ethereal train, reminiscent to me of waves sweeping along the shoreline.

Lode’s Glitter Rose hat is the perfect “white cap” to the waves of my dress.  I added a touch of teasing chiffon and ribbon for an asymetric off-the-shoulder look by layering 1 Hundred’s Seduction underneathe the dress.  Finishing my look is stunning Eileen jewelry in deep blues and silvers from Artistry by ~E~ and Smoke makeup from Face Paint.  All are available at Hope For Emilia.


Hat: Glitter Rose – Lode Hats at Hope for Emilia

Dress: Fantasy 04 – Evolve at Hope for Emilia

Undershirt: Seduction Black (jacket layer only) – 1 Hundred at Hope for Emilia

Makeup: Smoke Blue – Face Paint at Hope for Emilia

Jewelry: Eileen Set – Artistry by ~E~ at Hope for Emilia

Hair: Kirge Updo Dark Brown – Miamai at Hair Fair 2012

Shoes: Rig 72 Extreme Heels Silver – Armony at the Summer Parade 2012

Poses: Pose Sinfully & Diesel Works

A Feel-Good Dress – Hope For Emilia

Molichino’s Pixie dress is such a “feel-good” dress for several reasons.  First, since Pixie is a Hope for Emilia offering,  your shopping dollars are raising funds to help Italy’s earthquake victims.  Second, I have found you simply can’t go anywhere with this dress on and not get attention and compliments.  Pixie is so well made, with quality linen, stitched seam details, and a girlish shape.  It is casual, chic and classy.

I have found the Hope for Emilia posts for Molichino’s offering wonderfully varied, as well.  It is a real testament to the versatility of this dress, as you can dress it up or down and play with many accessory accent colors.  I love clothes that let me be creative, and become new all over again, depending on the accessories I add.  Molichino’s Pixie is that kind of dress.

I chose to add some color pops to the luscious gold version I’m wearing with a LaGyo hat, Finesmith necklace, and Molichino clutch in aqua hues.  Pixie is a dress you will find yourself reaching for again and again, so pop on over to Hope for Emilia to take home your favorite colors while helping a great cause.


Dress: Mesh Pixie Gold – Molichino at Hope for Emilia

Clutch:  Delirium Clutch Aqua – Molichino

Eye Makeup: Appeal Lash Liner – Eyelure

Lips: Lucir Lipcolor Midas’s Kiss – [mock]

Hat: Anemone Headpiece Maui – LaGyo

Hair: Romance – Vanity Hair

Ring: Honeycomb Ring – Chloe

Necklace: Thal Necklace Turquoise – Finesmith Hunt Item

Bracelet: Naila Bracelet – Donna Flora

Shoes: Sami Pumps Sky – CensoReD

Poses:  Daisey Set – Diesel Works &  Full Gown Series – Corpus

Sweet Tentation by Fellini Couture

When temptation reaches a 10, you get Fellini Couture’s Tentation gown, exclusive at Hope for Emilia.  This gown just can’t be resisted with an inverted Asian-inspired shadow print and soft avant-styled leaves and branches making up the bodice.  It is both elegant and evocative in classic black and white.

In keeping with the avant theme of the dress, I blended a combination of Face Paint’s Eartha makeup with the black lip, and White Widow’s Paon in black and white, both of which are also exclusive Hope for Emilia offerings.  Capping things off, a modern shape on-hair from Urban Lutz called Cobra available at Hair Fair 2012.


Hair: Cobra Brunette – UrbanLutz Hair at Hair Fair 2012

Eye Makeup/Lips: Eartha with Black Lip – Face Paint at Hope for Emilia

Eye Decoration: Paon Black and White – White Widow at Hope for Emilia

Gown: Tentation – Fellini Couture at Hope for Emilia

Jewelry: 10 Color Silver and Black Earrings and Headpiece – Deity

Poses: Manifeste

Hope For Emilia

HOPE FOR EMILIAis an exciting event that will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, fashion shows, an art expo and entertainment events to fundraise for the victims of earthquakes in Emilia, Italy.

As most of the world is aware, the northern region of Italy has been hit by devastating earthquakes during the last several months.

The first earthquake, registering a magnitude of 6.1, struck in the Emilia-Romagna region, on May 20th of 2012.

Two aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.2 occurred a few hours after the main event, and seven people were killed.

Nine days later, on May 29th, an additional earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 struck the same area causing an additional eighteen deaths and widespread damage, particularly to buildings already weakened by the May 20th earthquake.

And again on June 3rd, 4th and 6th,  aftershocks struck the region, causing panic among terrified people, who still don’t know if this incubus is going to continue.

The damages of these earthquakes are terrible: 26 people died, and thousands are homeless, living in tents. The whole economy of the country was brought to its knees.

“Hope for Emilia” aims to fundraise to help the many victims of the earthquakes: 100% of the funds raised with this event will be donated to victims of the earthquake through the bank account opened by Emilia-Romagna region (

—————————————————————————————————————————————————- The “Hope for Emilia” team of volunteers is busy organizing this important event which we hope will touch the lives of those affected by the natural disaster in Emilia.

The grand opening of the “Hope for Emilia” Fashion Fair will take place on Sunday July 22. At this fair, each of the many talented designers supporting this worthy cause has agreed to offer an exclusive item. The full proceeds of the sales of the exclusive items will be donated to assist the citizens whose lives were affected by the earthquakes in Emilia. Fashion shows highlighting our designers’ exclusive creations are planned for July 29th and August 5th, respectively.

Also exciting is the Art Exhibition to take place beginning on August 3rd, at which artistic creations from the grid’s most accomplished artists will be on display and available for purchase.

Our event will be held at two sims which have been graciously donated to us by Alexandar Vargas, and we are delighted to have Setsuna Infinity providing the build. A LM of the sims will be provided on July 22nd, 2012.


For more information, please visit the following sites:

Hope for Emilia

Emilia-Romagna Donation Site





•Sat. July 21st at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Bloggers and Press

• Sun. July 22nd at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Public – LM’s will be sent

• Sun. July 29th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show I Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Fri. August 3rd at 1.00 pm slt Art Expo Opening

• Sun. August 5th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show II Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Thurs. August 9th at 1.00 pm slt Closing Party

Be Unique

What if you encounter a clothing box so full of different things, you can wear things “right out of the box” with enough options to let you create something a little “outside of the box?” I stumbled across just such a package at Sirias Fashion Room by To Be Unique.  It has some classic layering pieces in it, along with jewelry and shoes to mix and match any number of combinations.  Here are just two stylings from “the box.”

The full package listed below is on sale now at Sirias Fashion Room for only 59L (no…that is NOT a typo. Even a single item in this pack should be more than that as the shapes and textures are high quality).  It includes:

-Rigged Mesh Mini Dress in 4 different colors and 5 sizes

-Sculpt Jacket in 2 different colors

– Super Platform Heels in 4 different colors

– Necklace, Earrings, & Bracelets

– Diamond-edged Black Sunglasses

In addition, items I have not shown a sampling of but are included:: -1 Black Lashes -1 Radar assisted flight -1 Face-light -1 Professional Pose Stand with 4 positions.

Pictures taken at the Grand Mansion – LAQ Decor where their homes are as awesome as their skins.

Black Dress Styling:

Hair: Kathrin Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Lips: Masquerade Makeup in Red – Izzie’s

Sunglasses: Kate Sunglasses in Black – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Dress: Kate Mini Dress Black – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Bolero: Kate Bolero White – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Bracelet and Necklace: Kate Bracelets and Necklace – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Earrings: Let it Drop color-change earrings – Finesmith

Ring: Indonesia Ring Sajahan – Finesmith

Shoes:  Kate Platform Pumps Red – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Pose: Runway Series – Pose Sinfully

Red Dress Styling:

Hair: Kathrin Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Makeup: Barbie Makeup 3 – Face Paint

Sunglasses: Kate Sunglasses in Black – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Dress: Kate Mini Dress Red – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Jewelry: Kate Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Shoes:  Kate Platform Pumps White – To Be Unique at Sirias Fashion Room

Pose: Contours – Pose Sinfully

Scene: The Grand Mansion – LAQ Decor