Celebrate Freedom

The 4th of July.  In the States this is a day to make a little noise and celebrate independence, freedom, and opportunity.  While it can be easier sometimes to find things to complain about in our country, on this day, it is a time for gratitude.  This is the day we remember all the many freedoms we do have; the freedom to live how and where we want, to make ourselves into who we want, to work in the profession of our choice, speak our minds, travel anywhere with little or no restriction, and to change our minds and explore life’s options over and over again.   So much we take for granted sometimes, in this land of opportunity, where we are rarely told “no” as it relates to who and what we do.  So on this day remember, give thanks, hug a soldier or a veteran for their sacrifices to secure these freedoms we enjoy, celebrate and make some noise.  Fireworks anyone?


Hair: Noise – EMO-tions

Shirt: Crop Tee – America – Whatever

Shorts: Pippa Denim Mesh Shorts – Black – strip’d

Nails and Bracelet:  Denim-USA – Male &Female July Group Gifts – WTG

Makeup:  1776 US Flag Group Gift – Madrid Solo

Pose: Drama Queen Set – WetCat


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