Dippin Dots

One of my favorite treats at amusement parks has always been the Dippin Dots; miniscule little ice cream balls in multiple flavors that make me feel like I’m eating a futuristic dessert.  These Color Dots shorts and hairband from Eyelure remind me of my love for Dippin Dots, as they are both fun and sweet.  Plus, they are on special  right now until Saturday at the Fashion Loft, located above Eyelure.

Additionally, a visit to the amusement park wouldn’t be complete without some face painting and balloons, and with the help of Face Paint and Wasabi Pills, I can enjoy them as well, all combined into one playful outfit that can’t help but make you smile.


Hair: Up in the Hair with color-change balloons – Wasabi Pills

Hairband: Color Dots Hairband – Eyelure

Makeup: CoooooL Man – Face Paint

Shorts: Balloon Shorts Color Dots – Eyelure – on special through Friday,, July 6 at the Fashion Loft

Sweater: Summer Nights Cardigan Orange – Toki-Doki

Shirt: Lovely Chiffon White – Atomic

Necklace: Indian Necklace – [glow] Studio

Pose: Carnival Pack (balloons included, but not shown) – Focus Poses


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