Valkyrie – Westwood Tribute

Today I’m sharing a bit of iconic history in two forms.  First, Vivienne Westwood.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Westwood Tribute, and you love fashion and fashion history, you have only a couple of days left.  Westwood’s career has been dedicated to turning conventional fashion on its head.  It is truly all about the creativity.  Not only was I oohing and aahing over the many designer tribute items exclusive only to this event, but I found I gained an even further appreciation for the magnitude of Westwood’s influence in fashion and punk/rock styling culture after walking through the Tribute hall, very much like a museum, showcasing Vivienne Westwood’s creative genius and fashion legacy.

I used several Westwod tribute items from Lush Limited to create my second historical icon, my view of the legendary Valkyrie, the Norse warrior demi-goddesses who spirited the strongest and bravest fallen soldiers to Valhala.  Thanks to the Westwood influence, however, my Valkyrie has been a bit modernized.

First and foremost is the “stand-up and stand-out” Impale hair from Lush Limited.  Made out of gold and silver spikes and rings, it would work great for any kind of rock or punk theme, or for adding a touch of shiny danger to your avant looks.  It is like jewelry for your head, and a fitting headdress for my modern warrior woman.  Then, with a combination of Lush Limited and Madrid Solo makeups, my Valkyrie leaves an impression both glamorous, haunting, and truly iconic.  This is the new face of Norse mythology.


Hair: Impale Hair – Westwood Inspiration – Lush Limited at the Westwood Tribute

Hairbase: Curls – EMO-tions

Earrings: Jingle’s Angles Silver – Lush Limited at the Westwood Tribute

Eye Makeup: Viv’s Drip – Lush Limited at the Westwood Tribute

Face Makeup: The Element – Madrid Solo

Outfit: The Last Royal Bodysuit – Vanguard

Wings: Silvyarm BlackSun Wings = Bare Rose

Knee Pads: 00L10006 Knee Coverings – Roots

Boots: Dragon Knee Boots Black w Gold Heel – !Drakke!

Poses: Corpus


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