When the lights go down in the city – Summer Parade and Hair Fair

Strolling through the streets, the stars in the form of twinkling colored lights overhead, it is one of those lazy, hazy summer evenings where I’m taking a break from the day’s rounds of two great events that are criss-crossing right now, Summer Parade 2012 and Hair Fair 2012.

First, let me tell you about my Summer Parade finds, which include color-blocked harem pants in stripes of blush, rose and bordeaux, with chunky blocks of fuchsia from PurpleMoon.  There are so many harem pants on the market right now, but when I saw these, I just had to have them because they have fun color-pops and that “look-twice” appeal that catches the eye.  Also by PurpleMoon, an off-the-shoulder, mid-drift baring top with a sweet boho feel.  Both pants and top come in a myriad of colors, so take your taxi to Summer Parade and pick up these, along with the free earrings available at the PurpleMoon booth.

On a steamy summer night, the last thing you want is hair on your neck, so this short casually messy Karen style from EMO-tions was just the ticket.  This hair is two styles in one, allowing you to switch between the tucked back version held with silver hair clips that I’m wearing, or a shaggy, hair-in your-face version perfect for a rocker or more urban night out.  What I love about all the EMO-tions Hair Fair items this year is, not only are they two styles in one, but they include a darling “messing with my hair” animation to change between styles that I can just watch over and over again, and all for the same price of their normal hairs.


Hair: Karen – EMO-tions at Hair Fair 2102

Top: Kade Top in Cream – PurpleMoon at Summer Parade 2012

Pants: Zuleyka in Pink/Bordeaux – PurpleMoon at Summer Parade 2012

Shoes: Skylei Hightop Sandals in White – Aleida (no longer available)

Jewelry: Shells and Pearls – Earthstones at Collabor88

Eye makeup: Supersweet Shadow Two – [mock]

Lips: Gala Grab Bag Microsunberry Pink – [mock] at One Voice

Poses: Model Pack 79 – Focus Poses


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