Of Myth and Legend

Terelyn is mostly retired from modeling these days, with one exception, I am proud to be a White Armory model, and that is a commitment I thoroughly enjoy and continue to honor.  So when Bee Dumpling, comes out with something outstanding, which is all too often, my active model, Nyree,  just has to step down for a piece so that Terelyn can showcase some White Armory magic.

Bee’s newest series is Of Myth and Legend, and the opulence of the fabrics and the detail are certainly worthy of legend.  I am just enamored with the many patterns and fabrics in a color combination she simply calls Seafoam.  This is a gown of many layers, starting with a silvery underskirt, topped by a polka-dot satin overskirt in pale seafoam and tan.  On top of that is a tiered half skirt in taupe and dutch blue draped into a waterfall bustle.  The bodice neatly mixes the two primary skirt patterns, and the whole ensemble is trimmed in soft creams and golds.  This is a princess-worthy gown, so elegant and lovely.  You can see all the color variations of this gown at The White Armory and take yourself back to a time Of Myth and Legend.

Playing with the golds and creams of the gown, I had to add some flowers to my hair.  I’ve also chosen accessories as a modern take on “the lady of the manor,” who was entrusted with a ring of keys to the castle.  My version is LaGyo’s Padlock necklace of pearls, with a gold medallion and set of keys.


Gown:  Of Myth and Legend Gown in Seafoam – The White Armory

Hair: Diva2 in Black Amber – D!va Hair

Necklace: Padlock Necklace – LaGyo

Makeup: Eye Makeup Light Blue & Lip Gloss Natural 1 – Izzie’s


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