A Prize Worth Hunting For

Generally speaking, there are not too many hunts that I have the time to do, but there are exceptions to every rule.  Case in point, when I saw that Prism was part of the Keep Me Cool hunt (August 1-31), I knew that this deserved a look-see.  First, since their store is reasonably sized, I stand a better chance of finding what I’m looking for, but more importantly…this was Prism.  I knew whatever was in the box, or in this case…the cone, would be worth the effort it took to find it, and I was not disappointed.

In the package was the trendy Josie dress, which included not only a lovely sweater tank dress in taupe with orange, yellow, and turquoise accent print, but a sweet polka dot bandeau bikini, with matching scarf and bracelet accessories (note: the bikini is not shown, but it is in the same print as the scarf).  Two stylish outfits in one box, and completely free….this is a prize worth hunting for.


Hair: Missy Hair Mocha – Secrets

Makeup: Pure Drama Storm – Face Paint

Outfit: Josie (part of the Keep Me Cool Hunt) – Prism

Purse: Dancing Dolls Mesh Bag – (unable to identify designer…please share if you know and I will update)

Necklace: Blue Babciny – N-Creations

Shoes: Copper Jussy Heels – Shoenique

Pose:  Everglow


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