Let’s Go Charleston

Automobiles, moving pictures, art deco, jazz, and a breaking with tradition was what the “roaring ’20’s” was all about.  The Flapper helped redefine the face of modern womanhood, as women earned their right to vote and ushered in a time of self-expression with a touch of defiance in attitude, lifestyle, and fashion.  Fashion of the 1920’s is as much trend as social statement, as it was out with the corsets and long skirts, and in with comfortable flowing dresses meant to be danced in.  Jules by Molichino, is true 1920’s Flapper inspiration, with tiers of ruffles over a lacy tank silhouette.  This dress says “let’s go Charleston.”


Dress: Jules Midnight Blue – Molichino at the Vintage Fair

Hair: Rebeca Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Hat: Aradia Hat Blue – Bliss Couture

Earrings & Ring: Flapper Set – Amarelo Manga

Makeup: Barbie Makeup 2 – Face Paint

Lips: Rose Taupe Lipshine – [mock]

Shoes: Haru Stilettos in Blue – PurpleMoon

Pose: “My Paula” – WetCat at the Vintage Fair


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