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Under my Umbrella

Let me tease, please, because that’s what pixies do.  And we don’t often say “please,” so mark this day down in the record books *laughs bells*.  I’ve been mining crystals, and you should too, because just look at what I found at Petites Kingdom’s Crystal Hunt.  I look like a little ray of sunshine in my Forest Feast dress, which also comes with a choice of silver or yellow lacy wings.  It hurts to pull my wings off though, so you’ll just have to find them yourselves *snarky pixie*.   I also found the oddest umbrella.  You see, it can rain…truly it can.  Now, being a pixie, I can tell you that wet wings ground me…and being grounded and unable to fly…well…that just makes me grumpy.  So, I have threatened my umbrella with deadheading, courtesy of my trusty pixie sword, if it even tries to wet my wings.  So go find your own raining umbrella in the crystals so you can see the fun particle effects.

Also for lovely picturesque settings with a little bit of fantasy flair, including a Petite’s area, hidden caves, forest enclave, and mountain top retreats, check out the new Tranquility Escapes sim.  Several islands to explore, 6 themed areas, and as tranquil and welcoming as it sounds, with new age spiritual and holistic events and classes starting soon.  Please (HA…I said please again! *wings buzz*) contact Jude Ghostraven with any questions.


Dress: EP Rinceaux for Petite Yellow – Forest Feast item at the Petites Kingdom Crystal Hunt

Umbrella: Daisey Umbrella with Rain Effect – Epic item at the Petites Kingdom Crystal Hunt

Hair:  China for Petites – Singed Feathers (hair and clothing coming soon)

Jewelry: Petite Fiori Necklace and Earrings Gold Abalone – Petite Elemental Jewelry 

Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes w 15 fabric change textures – Shoenique Designs

Location: Tranquility Escapes


Sparklies….hunt for sparklies, and a chance to save the world

Oh there are sparklies, wonderful sparklies, and where there are sparklies to be found, that means wonderful treasure.  Big or small…you can save our world and gather prizes, but first…a story, and then I’ll tell you how.

In January 2012, the first Petites ventured into our world, or rather, made our true selves known. Curious creatures by nature they were fascinated by this world and quickly captivated the hearts of those they encountered. Offered land for an embassy by Yabusaka Loon, the Petites set up a home, only to quickly outgrow it. Thanks to the quick minds of Alia Baroque, Sharni Azalee, and Marcus Inkpen, a larger space was built for the burgeoning Petites community, but as more and more Petites came to explore our world even this new larger garden paradise began to seem too small.

After much thinking and planning by their friends, it was decided that the Petites must have a place of their own in our world, a place to come together to share their community with one another and with the people who had so warmly welcomed them to this new world.

Ringed by mountains, a lake as smooth as glass waits poised to reflect the silhouettes of the nine floating islands of the Petite Kingdom. A portal was created above the lake linking our worlds together. Five islands made the journey from the Petites’ world to ours before the magic that powers the portal ran out. It was meant to be recharged with the magic crystals gathering from the caverns of the Crystal Mine. Unfortunately the airship that came to pick up the supply of crystals and transport them to the portal was hit by a stray wind current that flipped it upside down spilling the magic crystals all over the Petites Kingdom.

Now, with half the islands of the Petite Kingdom here and half on the other side of the portal, we need your help! We need you to come and help us gather up the missing magic crystals so we can refuel the portal and bring the rest of the petite islands into our world. The Petites, always a very hospitable race of creatures believe highly that work and play should go hand in hand so wish to make the task of gathering the lost crystals an enjoyable one. Thus, we invite you, out friends, to come and discover the new Petite Kingdom on Saturday, September 29. Come and help us retrieve the missing crystals and stay to help us celebrate the Petites new home with music, dancing and possible surprises!

A quest for you…and an invitation too:

Please join us for The Crystal Hunt and Welcoming Celebrations on Saturday, September 29 @ Noon SLT. The hunt will start at noon SLT with celebrations starting at 3pm SLT and continue until 9pm SLT. Big and small all are welcome!  Leave this mundane world and come frolic.  Here is your portal to our world of enchantment.  Feel free to tickle the totem to explore the different islands once you arrive.

The Runway Perfect Hunt – Edition 3

October 1st it kicks off, round three of The Runway Perfect Hunt.  As many of you know, I tend to be very selective when it comes to hunts, but the reason The Runway Perfect Hunt continues to be a favorite of mine is quite simply…there ain’t no junk.  Morgane Batista, who sponsors this event, is a model herself, with an eye for quality items and top designers.  As busy as we can be RL and SL, it is nice to know in advance that what you are hunting for will be worth your time.  This is a zero linden hunt, to make the offer all the sweeter, and you can collect all the clues and meet the designers at the main event site so that when October hits, you will be ready to snag some wonderful items as you tour the stores of these many talented individuals and hopefully fall in love with all their work.

Stay tune for some great mix and match ups featuring hunt items from The Runway Perfect Hunt coming to my blog soon. Here is the taxi to your first hunt location as of Monday, October 1st.

In command of the season

Funny how when the weather begins to change, the things we desire begin to change as well.  Now that fall is approaching I find myself wanting to make homemade baked potato soup and apple pie, and indulge in other comfort foods that were just too hearty for summer fare.  I also find myself playing with clothing layers; and nothing speaks of fall louder to me than plaids.

In the Commander Coatdress from Zanze House of Couture, you will feel ready for the season.  This is a wonderful layering piece, available in 5 different versions, and just begging to be paired with turtlenecks, scarfs, or even a lacy collar.   I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not, but tights are in this year.  I chose to pull some of the blue out of the plaid stitching of the coat with royal blue Gizza tights.  And even though I’m usually brunette, I’m feeling in command of the season with a bright dollop of auburn curls from EMO-tions, since hair can be just as much a layering piece in SL as clothes and jewelry.  Finishing my look is a playful tote bag from Lush Limited with a trend towards the fun “geek chic” with its proclamation; “Dear Algebra, Stop asking me to solve your “X” problem.  Clearly she doesn’t want you.”


Hair: Lala (Group Gift) – EMO-tions

Coatdress: Commander mesh Coatdress in Hunter – Zanze House of Couture

Tote Bag: Tote – Math Issues – Lush Limited

Turtleneck: Highneck Sweater (Mimi’s Group gift) – Gabriel at Mimi’s Choice

Gloves: Gemma Black Gloves – Indyra Originals

Hat: Shine Hat (modified) – Diram

Tights: Baroque Fiori Tights in Royal Blue (part of the Baroque Fiori outfit) – Gizza

Shoes: Extreme Ankle Boots (colorchange Red/Brown/Sand) – Opium

Brooch: Flourish Rose Gold Equestrianne – Eclectica Jewelry

Eye Makeup: Eyes 01 Yellow Blue – My Pretty Pixels

Lips: Lucir Lipcolor Copper Rust – [mock]

Poses: Pic 1 – Femme Fatale set, Pic 2 – Runway Set 3 – Focus Poses

Do you believe in coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidence?  I for one tend to believe that things happen for a reason, and that if you follow your gut, listen to that inner wisdom that advises you, it is often the best course of action you can take.  For instance, sometimes when I am out and about, I spy an item that inspires me, speaks to me even, and says “you must be mine.”  It gets the wheels of creativity turning.  I dont’ know if it is beckoning to me or I to it, but I find I must heed the call.  When I stumbled across the Geisha Girl dress by Zanze House of Couture, in rich oranges and tans, it reminded me of autumn leaves, but with an unexpected Asian twist.  I had to take it home.  But that is not the end of this story.

It is funny how life works sometimes.  Shortly after purchasing the dress, the designer Zzoiezee sent me an IM to ask me about my shopping experience.  We got to chatting, I shared a bit of my work with her, and shortly thereafter I was surprised and delighted to be invited to blog for Zanze.  So you will be seeing her fresh perspective and unique designs in my posts on a more frequent basis going forward.  It all started with a dress that insisted it must come home with me, and I followed my gut.  Who beckoned whom, I must wonder…and again I will ponder; is there really such thing as a coincidence?


Dress: Geisha Girl Blood – Zanze House of Couture

Hair: Kay with Curls Hairbase (comes with shaved tattoo hairbase) – EMO-tions

Makeup: Show Designs Dovely – Madrid Solo

Earrings: Lillium Color Version – {me.}

Shoulder Accessory: Imperium Shoulder Ornament – Shi.

Leggings: Nylon Tights Wine – House of Fox

Shoes: Krikey Pumps Print 5 – LD Major

Pose: Feminine Line – Di’s Opera

The eyes have it

This flirty little number is all about the eyes, mixing fluffy, soft and sultry into a wonderful summer-into-fall casual outfit.  Brand new from Molichino to celebrate their first year anniversary is the relaxed tunic, a short-sleeved sweater available in a range of colors with a mix-and-match fur collar that veils the lower half of the face, bringing the focus on the eyes.  This tunic works great alone as a mini dress when paired with some boots, and is also great for layering over your favorite tights or leggings.

And since this outfit is really all about the eyes, why not have some fun with bold, dramatic eye makeups?  I chose Madrid Solo’s Guilty Pleasures, available this month at Gypset Market, for a sultry sparkle, then framed my eyes further with loose and wild curls from EMO-tions.


Hair:  Gwen Dark Brown (2 styles available to switch between) – EMO-tions

Makeup: Guilty Pleasures – Madrid Solo at Gypset Market

Dress: Relaxed Tunic in Ice Blue – Molichino

Collar: Fur Collar Charcoal – Molichino

Boots: Nine to Five in Slate (part of the Nine to Five Outfit) – Gizza

Bracelet: Chic Bangles Silver – Sigma

Nails: Birds Nails (Finesmith Hunt item) – Finesmith (no longer available)

Poses: Model Set 99 – Focus Poses

Love endures through the flames

About a year and a half ago, 4 days in intensive care, 2 surgeries, and months of recovery taught me an invaluable life lesson.  Before that time, I had never allowed myself to need someone, hadn’t ever wanted that level of vulnerability, simply couldn’t bring myself to trust anyone to that degree.  Being forced to depend on someone, and joyously finding that they could be depended on, changed that.  It taught me trust on a deep and beautiful level, and created a bond that under ordinary circumstances, might never have been  possible.  Six months following my “walk through the flames,” the tables were turned and it was he who needed me.  It was a hard year for the both of us, and we each had our turn to rescue the other, but what we found was true love endures, and can even grow, through the flames.

The inspiration to share this story came after I snapped this pic through the fireplace between two rooms of my home.  This wonderful gem from C&D Designs is actually an entire wall with a modern pass-through fireplace that can be enjoyed from both sides, as this pictures so beautifully illustrates.



Dress: Silk Dress  Back To Black Event – Kunglers

Necklace: Boheme Blue – je suis

Hair: Amanda Mesh Hair – DeLa

Lips: Lip Gloss Red 2 – Izzie’s



Outfit: Smart Ass Male – Delirium Style

Hair: Knit Cap with Dark Brown Hair (color-change cap) – Dura



Fireplace: Vista Wall Fireplace – C&D Designs

Lounger: Christmas Sofa – Bazar Quality Homes and Furniture

Couch & Table: Nelle Livingroom Set – Bazar Quality Homes and Furniture

Books: Charlotte Books – {what next}