Under my Umbrella

Let me tease, please, because that’s what pixies do.  And we don’t often say “please,” so mark this day down in the record books *laughs bells*.  I’ve been mining crystals, and you should too, because just look at what I found at Petites Kingdom’s Crystal Hunt.  I look like a little ray of sunshine in my Forest Feast dress, which also comes with a choice of silver or yellow lacy wings.  It hurts to pull my wings off though, so you’ll just have to find them yourselves *snarky pixie*.   I also found the oddest umbrella.  You see, it can rain…truly it can.  Now, being a pixie, I can tell you that wet wings ground me…and being grounded and unable to fly…well…that just makes me grumpy.  So, I have threatened my umbrella with deadheading, courtesy of my trusty pixie sword, if it even tries to wet my wings.  So go find your own raining umbrella in the crystals so you can see the fun particle effects.

Also for lovely picturesque settings with a little bit of fantasy flair, including a Petite’s area, hidden caves, forest enclave, and mountain top retreats, check out the new Tranquility Escapes sim.  Several islands to explore, 6 themed areas, and as tranquil and welcoming as it sounds, with new age spiritual and holistic events and classes starting soon.  Please (HA…I said please again! *wings buzz*) contact Jude Ghostraven with any questions.


Dress: EP Rinceaux for Petite Yellow – Forest Feast item at the Petites Kingdom Crystal Hunt

Umbrella: Daisey Umbrella with Rain Effect – Epic item at the Petites Kingdom Crystal Hunt

Hair:  China for Petites – Singed Feathers (hair and clothing coming soon)

Jewelry: Petite Fiori Necklace and Earrings Gold Abalone – Petite Elemental Jewelry 

Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes w 15 fabric change textures – Shoenique Designs

Location: Tranquility Escapes


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