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Cinema and TRPH Styling – The Drama and the Elegance

Just a few hours left to swing by Cinema 2012 to pick up a design that can be either dramatic costume or  elegant evening dress.

You will make a striking Queen of the Nile in this fabulous Cobra Queen gown by 22769, including the headpiece and snake boa.  The colors are rich and regal, swathing you in black, gold, and purple silk in this flowing mesh gown.

Madrid Solo’s Raven’s Flock accents this look with makeup worthy of Egyptian royalty.

Finally, if you are looking for a more modern look that is just as dramatic, this versatile gown converts from B.C. to A.D. formal evening wear simply by switching to a tousled jewel-bedecked updo by EMO-tions and the Miracle ring, Chop Zuey’s item for The Runway Perfect Hunt, also ending at 11:59pm Oct 31st.


Gown/headpiece/cobra: Cobra Queen – 22769 at Cinema 2012  mainstore location here

Makeup: Raven’s Flock – Madrid Solo

Ring: Miracle – Chop Zuey for The Runway Perfect Hunt

Hair: Anushka – EMO-tions

Poses: Corpus Poses


My Kind of Halloween Costume

I have never been one to dress up in spooky Halloween costumes, however, I do look forward to handing out candy to the neighbor kids on Halloween night and seeing their creativity and cuteness.  The pumpkins, my favorite Halloween tradition, have been carved and lit, and I’m dressed in my type of Halloween costume for the night, one that lends itself to opening and closing the door a hundred times for trick-or-treaters.  It is all about warmth and comfort, including a cozy loose sweater baring just a touch of shoulder, a pair of denim leggings, and of course, some comfortable tapestry boots, all with touches of oranges and browns in honor of the season.  With candy in hand and standing by the door, I’m all ready to hear that chorus of “Trick or Treat!”  Happy Halloween, everyone.


Sweater: Glenna Sweater Dress in Autumn Leaves (Limited Edition available Sat,Nov 3) – Prism

Leggings: Blue Charlie Tights (part of the Charlie Blue Sweater Dress & Leggings outfit) – Tres Beau

Boots: California Dream Boots – ALB

Belt: Leather Belt – Ivanka Akina Fashion Store

Jewelry: Organic in Brown Leather – Finesmith

Hair: Hong Kong Brunette – UrbanLutz

Makeup: Barbie Makeup 6 – Face Paint

Pumpkin and Pose: Pumpkins – Focus Poses

Boho Styling 3 – Harvest

I’m not much of a rl gardener.  Truth is, I don’t like worms, and larger slithery things…forget it.  However, I still know that each and every day I am sowing seeds, and what I sow will bring a harvest.  I’ve seen people act intentionally malicious, without any obvious provocation.  I’ve also seen others give and give, loving, helping, understanding, being a friend.  Both will reap a harvest of what they sow, and it will be multiplied when it is returned to them.  What you put out comes back to you…magnified.  Feelings, whether in RL or SL…they are all real.  This is not a game.  For thought, coupled with emotion, is the strongest catalyst for creation.  Your harvest is coming.  What are you sowing today?


Hair: Cher – Tameless at The Boho Culture Fair

Headband: Hairband Aztec – I <3FashiOn at The Boho Culture Fair

Poncho: AutumnFire Poncho – artMEFashion at The Boho Culture Fair

Dress: Strapless Sash Dress – FLRN Style at The Boho Culture Fair

Jewelry: Boho’N Chic – {me.} at The Boho Culture Fair

Boots: Louisiana Western Boots black – PiCHi at The Boho Culture Fair

Tights: Ombre Tights – Milk Motion

Purse: Betty Handbag – CHG Fashion

Pose: Boho Set – Focus Poses at The Boho Culture Fair


Vintage Harvest Banquet Table – Circa Living

Haybale Background Wall – Circa Living

Autumn at the Louvre – Paris Metro Couture

I had the pleasure of walking in the Autumn at the Louvre show, wearing the artistic designs of Paris Metro Couture, with poses sponsored by Morgane Batista Poses.   Here is a recap for you of some of the featured designs.

Nara NightCoral

Artist Series M. Sharple

Universal Love

Styling Pic 1:

Gown: Nara NightCoral – Paris Metro Couture

Pose: NV Corsetry Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair & Hair Accessory: Coage Hair with Shiori Accessory – Tukinowaguma

Jewelry: Chiasa – Zibska

Gloves: Marlene Gown Gloves – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Eye Makeup: Anime 23 – Tattanooga, Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzies, Contour Blush – Dead Apples

Styling Pic 2:

Gown:  Artist Series M. Sharple – Paris Metro Couture

Pose: MVW Costume Rusalka Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair: Adorable – TuTy’s Creations

Hat: Cora Hat Dark Blue – PurpleMoon

Jewelry: Cycle dans la Chocolateri (Group Gift) – PurpleMoon

Makeup: Eye Makeup: Mix and Match Eyes Glamour Girl – Face Paint, Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Guardsman Red – [mock], Contour Blush – Dead Apples

Styling Pic 3:

Gown: Universal Love – Paris Metro Couture

Pose:  Pipins Pose Set & Serene Faith Pose Set – Morgane Batista Poses

Hair & Hair Accessory: Never – Miamai

Jewelry: Zaza (necklace/earrings/bracelet) and Olivie (layered necklaces) – Zibska

Makeup: Obscura and Cold as Ice (layered) – Madrid Solo

Playing Hookie

Sometimes you have one of those “manic Mondays” and you are all dressed up for the day, and at the last minute you think to yourself; “I really don’t feel like working today.  I think I’ll play hookie.”  Every now and again, I think it is fine to take an unplanned day for yourself, to indulge a little and grab some “me time.”  So me and the beagle went out for a mint hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  I’m looking like a schoolgirl out playing hookie in my layered knit top from ColdLogic and a tweedy Taffy skirt from Molichino.

I did bring my Ipad case along, however, so maybe I will still get some work done afterall.


Hair: Wish – elikatira

Top: Flockhart marine – ColdLogic

Skirt: Taffy Skirt black – Molichino

Eye Makeup: Ensemble Eyes silver – Madrid Solo

Lips: L’eau Castro Lip Gloss 2 – [mock]

Earrings: Plume earrings color-change – LaGyo at Collabor88

IPad Case: My Ipad case orange – BSD Design Studio

Belt: Double Coin Belt – BoHo HoBo

Socks: Over-knee Socks Aqua – Izzie’s

Shoes: Spectator Slipper black – Volstead at Cinema 2012

Poses:  Falbala Set – WetCat

The Runway Perfect Hunt – Styling 3 – City Girl

It’s a jungle out there, but you can look chic and ready to take on the city in some wonderful finds from of The Runway Perfect Hunt, including a safari-inspired tank dress from Prism, and sueded boots from Loordes of London, all complimented by Chop Zuey’s Harvest collection of jewelry, given as gifts as part of Chop Zuey’s birthday celebration, and just perfect for the season.  Psst:  Chop Zuey also has a fab hunt find that is part of The Runway Perfect Hunt, a sparkling black jewel and diamond Miracle ring (not shown) that you definitely will want, as it is a stunner (and if you know Chop Zuey quality…you know it is worth the effort to go look for it).  Even the Morphine pose used here is yours for the finding.  The Runway Perfect Hunt is still going on through the 31st.


Hair: Tracey Mesh Hair Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Dress: Sheena in Yellow Zebra (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Prism

Boots: Janis Boots (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Loordes of London

Pose: PRH Female 2 (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Morphine Poses

Jewelry: Harvest Earrings and Bangles (Chop Zuey Birthday Gifts) – Chop Zuey

Clutch: Summer in Miami Purse – Le Primitif

Makeup: Bella Vetro Gloss Guardsman Red – [mock]

Cinema Styling 2 – Film Noir

I should have seen she was nothing but trouble by the way she sashayed in, with that sultry look, the partial veil only adding to her mystery, and her desperate plea that someone was trying to frame her for murder. She said she needed an investigator, someone who could prove her innocence, and I bought it, hook, line, and sinker.  She made me feel needed and fiercely protective.  She made me smoke from the wanting of her, but what she was really wanted was a “fall guy.”

Film Noir, the black and white age of dark murder mystery, femme fatales, and intrigue is captured so well in this outfit, a wonderful mix of  designs “playing now” at Cinema 2012 through the 31st.  Here’s your ticket to a bit of steamy mystique.


Scarf: Chiffon Hood Scarf Sheer – Shi. at Cinema (Film Noir)

Outfit: Parisian Metro – Indyra Originals at Cinema (Film Noir)

Shoes: Charleston Slipper Black – Volstead at Cinema (Romance)

Hair: Memory Black – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Mix and Match Glamour Girl (Blue) – Face Paint

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Lips Red – Izzie’s

Pose: Adle Runway Set – WetCat