Mischief Managed

I want a Marauder’s Map…that awesome little scrap of paper that Harry Potter was so lucky to be gifted with that showed you where everyone was so that you could tactically avoid them in your mischief-making endeavors.  Then, once you had done your dastardly deeds, you merely said “Mischief Managed,” and the map would appear as a blank piece of parchment.  In the case of pixies, however…can anyone truly manage our mischief?  Because you see…true mischief involves getting to watch the ensuing chaos one’s created, while at the same time, not getting tagged as the culprit.  *laughs bells, dresses for train travel in my lovely baroque inspired dress from RFyre, perches my baby owl on my shoulder, and quietly stows-away on the Hogwarts Express to hunt for that precious map.*


Outfit: Noveaux Baroque Woman’s Storm Petite (The Crystal Hunt Item) – House of RFyre at Petites Kingdom

Jewelry: On the Hunt Tiger set – Moon Dance Designs

Shoes: Annie Color-change Stiletto Pumps – Shoenique Designs

Hair: Ginevra Petite – Glamorous Sin

Owl: Owl from the Wild Ankle Biter Outfit –  Ankle Biter

Pose: Agapee

Location: Mischief Managed


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