Catch a sunbeam

I have noticed that no matter how small the sliver, a cat can always find a sunbeam to bask in.  And who can blame them really, because to catch a sunbeam, even if to just run your fingers through it, is to be pet by warmth.  One of my fondest memories, and one I still close my eyes to return to when I need a break from life, is a visit to Maui, lying on the beach, hearing the gulls and the waves.  But where the true contentment comes from in this memory, is remembering the warmth.  I can see the light, even from behind my closed eyelids, and the sun-warmed ocean breeze makes it feel as though I’m being caressed by sunshine.  It is a sensuous and languid experience, and profoundly relaxing.  My kitties are right, it really does feel good to be pet by a sunbeam.


Skin: Isabella mid tone 1 – WoW Skins at The Boho Culture Fair

Top: We Love Boho Bra (part of the We Love Boho outfit) – Fashion Fears at The Boho Culture Fair

Skirt: SS Sagre Vino Maxi Skirt – Saris Creations at The Boho Culture Fair

Shoes: Love is Free Sandals (part of the Love is Free Outfit) –  Nya’s Shop at The Boho Culture Fair

Earrings/Bracelet: Gipsy Set – Moonshadow at The Boho Culture Fair

Necklace: Boho Hippy Chic Necklace – NcParis at The Boho Culture Fair

Hair: Melody (front facing pics) and Yula (back pic) – EMO-tions

Tattoo: Love the Life You Live Tattoo – Tenjin

Headband: Hippie Chain Headband Stone – MONS

Poses: Model 103 and Boho Set (at The Boho Culture Fair) – Focus Poses


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