Boho Styling 3 – Harvest

I’m not much of a rl gardener.  Truth is, I don’t like worms, and larger slithery things…forget it.  However, I still know that each and every day I am sowing seeds, and what I sow will bring a harvest.  I’ve seen people act intentionally malicious, without any obvious provocation.  I’ve also seen others give and give, loving, helping, understanding, being a friend.  Both will reap a harvest of what they sow, and it will be multiplied when it is returned to them.  What you put out comes back to you…magnified.  Feelings, whether in RL or SL…they are all real.  This is not a game.  For thought, coupled with emotion, is the strongest catalyst for creation.  Your harvest is coming.  What are you sowing today?


Hair: Cher – Tameless at The Boho Culture Fair

Headband: Hairband Aztec – I <3FashiOn at The Boho Culture Fair

Poncho: AutumnFire Poncho – artMEFashion at The Boho Culture Fair

Dress: Strapless Sash Dress – FLRN Style at The Boho Culture Fair

Jewelry: Boho’N Chic – {me.} at The Boho Culture Fair

Boots: Louisiana Western Boots black – PiCHi at The Boho Culture Fair

Tights: Ombre Tights – Milk Motion

Purse: Betty Handbag – CHG Fashion

Pose: Boho Set – Focus Poses at The Boho Culture Fair


Vintage Harvest Banquet Table – Circa Living

Haybale Background Wall – Circa Living


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