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Treats…this is a word we learn young that forever induces a smile, and in many cases, a scramble.  For example, I’ve learned there is no point in calling my cats by name to get them to come inside when simply hollering “TREATS!” out the door will send them tumbling one over the other to be the first inside.  And kids?  Well, they can’t get to the table fast enough, after which there is the tussle over who has the biggest piece or who took more.  And as adults…well, we really aren’t any better.  We all have our favorite treats, and this time of the year, holidays seem to go hand in hand with treats.  Hey…it’s cold outside. So why not indulge in a bit of comfort food, a little extra padding to insulate us, and a bulky sweater to hide under for a few months.


Sweater: Cozy Boatneck Sweater Pumpkin – Drift

Skirt: Cozy Sweater Skirt Stripe 1 – Drift

Collar: Puffler Leopard – BOOM

Necklace: Munching Deer Necklace – ATTIC

Hair: Shena Soil – Vanity Hair

Makeup: Doe Natural – Face Paint

Pose: Autumn Leaves Set – Focus Poses

Scene: Autumn Harvest Fest Decorative Food Table and Autumn Harvest Fest Backdrop – Circa Living


Paint Your World

What a fun time I had exploring Cica Ghost’s black and white *Cica* sim. It is the perfect backdrop to showcase fun, bright clothing and accessories that just leap off the page.

I’m feeling painterly in a bright multi-hued wrap dress from Lush Limited, artsy accessories from HANDverk, and playful blue rhapsody shoes from BSD Design Studio.  I even have a smattering of freckles, thanks to Face Paint’s new Pippi makeup.

It is also a reminder that life is our canvas…leave your mark.  Bring some color into someone’s life.  Be an individual that stands out, rather than blends in.  Childlike is not childish…never lose your joy.  So many metaphors to be found from one awesomely creative sim.


Dress: Wrap It Up Dress in blood/plum/blue – Lush Limited

Earrings: Brush earrings blue period/silver – HANDverk at FaMESHed

Necklace: Palette bolo standard/silver – HANDverk at L’accessoires

Art Accessories: Paint Palette and Paint Brush – HANDverk at FaMESHed

Shoes: Blue Rhapsody – BSD Design Studio at L’accessoires

Makeup: Pippi mauve w blush – Face Paint

Hair: Jessica flames – EMO-tions

Hat: Velvet Purple Cap – BAOBA at L’accessoires for Black Friday

Poses: Daisey and Prima Donna – Diesel Works,  Down Low – WetCat

Location: *Cica*

Walk about

On a “walk about,” it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.   

When you get to a fork in the road, flip a coin.  Heads is left, tails is right.

See where the journey takes you.


Hair: LCA518 – booN

Makeup: Kitty Cat Pink – Face Paint

Dress: Tabby New Orleans – Prism

Tights: Vacay Tights Ocean – LD Major

Belt: Fish Scales Belt Black – Dark Mouse (no longer available)

Collar: Chic Leather Collar Grey – Drift

Necklace: Tarifa Necklace – MG at Collabor88

Bracelet: Chic Bangles Silver – Sigma Jewels

Purse: Handbag White (part of the Handbag Pose set) – BehaviorBody

Boots: Military Babe Pink – BSD Design Studio

Poses: BeBo Runway – BehaviorBody

When it’s time to change…then it’s time to change

Look what I found shopping in my own inventory.  I think I like. Oh the surprises you find when you try to make sense of the chaos.  “When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange, from who you are into what you’re gonna be.” lyrics from When It’s Time to Change by: The Brady Bunch


Hair: Taylor Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Skin: Heidy – Essences at The Dressing Room

Makeup: Indigo’s Marooned Green Winterberry Makeover – [mock]

Earrings: Tabula Rasa earrings (group gift) – Chop Zuey

Necklace/Bracelet: Safari Set – Finesmith

Dress: Danger Zone – LD Major

Pose: BehaviorBody

You’re Golden

I find corsets to be simply an indispensable wardrobe accessory.  With a corset, you are golden.  You can dress it up or dress it down, but it never fails to add a touch of feminine sexy.  I used to watch a fashion series and they talked about how an article of clothing for a woman that boosts the bust, trims the waistline, and accentuates the hips was a “lock and load,” almost like readying a gun for firing…a woman is ready for anything when you “lock and load.”  A corset locks and loads in one easy piece, and looks great with everything from jeans, to lingerie, to formal gowns.

This is one of my favorite “out and about” outfits.  This outfit is casual, fun, and sexy.  I always feel chic wearing it out, and it stars a golden corset from NV Corsetry.  Lock and load, baby…lock and load.


Corset: Gold Latex Mesh Corset – NV Corsetry

Shirt: Bombshell Wiggle Dress (top only – Vintage Fair Gift) – Vita Bella

Pants: Electric Smoke Gown (glitch pants only) – Paris Metro Couture

Hair: Limbo Black – Tuty’s

Face Tattoo: Lollipop Orange/Yellow – White Widow

Lips: Paige Lips Black Iron – Illusory

Bracelet: Honey Bee (May Group Gift) – WTG

Shoes: Tresor XtremeHeel Gold – N-Core

Background: Black and White Sun in Color by Chrisntheboat – Deviant Art

Pose: Focus Poses

When dreams die

I guess it is part of life, having a dream die.  Someone disappoints you.  Something you thought you could count on to always be there, suddenly isn’t.  Your body grows sick, and it feels like it has betrayed you.  You reluctantly let go of an ideal, in order to face reality.

We don’t like transitions as a rule.  We like to be here or there…something with a bit of a firm foundation, but sometimes I’ve found, I just have to ride the wave, and wait.  That is the hard part…the waiting, and holding onto the belief that things will settle out once again.  Transition is necessary though.  It is a time where you grieve what is lost, rediscover yourself, gather your resources, and then…find hope.  Most importantly during this time, I have found I have had to forgive, sometimes others, but in many cases, myself.

It is ok to let go of the past, to close the door, to turn and face a new sunrise.  To live means that some things will die, even dreams, but like a phoenix, sometimes it is from the ashes that a new dream arises.  Watch for it…it is just on the horizon.


Hair: Silja – EMO-tions

Makeup: Kitty Cat Smoke – Face Paint

Dress: Ruffled Tunic Monk Red Pattern – Mimi Noire

Scarf: Sharmine Stole Russet – Vogue

Boots: Short Lace-up boots Red – G Field

Poses:  Runway set – Vista Animations

Location: Crystall Dunes (with thanks to Neva Crystall)

Armani Inspiration – Mohna Lisa Couture

Some of the hardest style challenges I’ve received in SL have been to style based on inspiration from a particular designer.  It is often easy to find a picture of what you want to create, but locating the components of that look in SL and piecing it together is where the true challenge comes in.

Well this time around, Mohna Lisa Couture has made it easy, with an elegant rendition of an Armani gown, the Armani Wildflower.  I am a diehard Armani fan, so I had to have this dress, and while one would expect such luscious cream lace to be on a bridal gown, the shape of this gown is ultra sexy, yet ever feminine.  Mohna gave it some wonderful added character and originality with a teasing peak of lavender on the hem, and what truly blows me away, this was his first foray into jewelry making.

Yes…this mesh dress, comes complete with all the jewelry seen in the picture, a golden multi-jeweled collar, bracelets, ear jewels and jeweled monocle.  As one who likes to mix and match, I can well see myself re-wearing this jewelry with other outfits as well.   This stunning gown is stand-alone beautiful, and absolutely the easiest styling challenge to date.


Gown & Jewelry: Armani Wildflower – Mohna Lisa Couture

Hair:  Jean Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Couture Eyeliner – Glam Affair

Lips: Lucir Lip Color Grape Stomp – [mock]

Poses:  Falbala and Adle Set – WetCat