Armani Inspiration – Mohna Lisa Couture

Some of the hardest style challenges I’ve received in SL have been to style based on inspiration from a particular designer.  It is often easy to find a picture of what you want to create, but locating the components of that look in SL and piecing it together is where the true challenge comes in.

Well this time around, Mohna Lisa Couture has made it easy, with an elegant rendition of an Armani gown, the Armani Wildflower.  I am a diehard Armani fan, so I had to have this dress, and while one would expect such luscious cream lace to be on a bridal gown, the shape of this gown is ultra sexy, yet ever feminine.  Mohna gave it some wonderful added character and originality with a teasing peak of lavender on the hem, and what truly blows me away, this was his first foray into jewelry making.

Yes…this mesh dress, comes complete with all the jewelry seen in the picture, a golden multi-jeweled collar, bracelets, ear jewels and jeweled monocle.  As one who likes to mix and match, I can well see myself re-wearing this jewelry with other outfits as well.   This stunning gown is stand-alone beautiful, and absolutely the easiest styling challenge to date.


Gown & Jewelry: Armani Wildflower – Mohna Lisa Couture

Hair:  Jean Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Eye Makeup: Couture Eyeliner – Glam Affair

Lips: Lucir Lip Color Grape Stomp – [mock]

Poses:  Falbala and Adle Set – WetCat


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