When dreams die

I guess it is part of life, having a dream die.  Someone disappoints you.  Something you thought you could count on to always be there, suddenly isn’t.  Your body grows sick, and it feels like it has betrayed you.  You reluctantly let go of an ideal, in order to face reality.

We don’t like transitions as a rule.  We like to be here or there…something with a bit of a firm foundation, but sometimes I’ve found, I just have to ride the wave, and wait.  That is the hard part…the waiting, and holding onto the belief that things will settle out once again.  Transition is necessary though.  It is a time where you grieve what is lost, rediscover yourself, gather your resources, and then…find hope.  Most importantly during this time, I have found I have had to forgive, sometimes others, but in many cases, myself.

It is ok to let go of the past, to close the door, to turn and face a new sunrise.  To live means that some things will die, even dreams, but like a phoenix, sometimes it is from the ashes that a new dream arises.  Watch for it…it is just on the horizon.


Hair: Silja – EMO-tions

Makeup: Kitty Cat Smoke – Face Paint

Dress: Ruffled Tunic Monk Red Pattern – Mimi Noire

Scarf: Sharmine Stole Russet – Vogue

Boots: Short Lace-up boots Red – G Field

Poses:  Runway set – Vista Animations

Location: Crystall Dunes (with thanks to Neva Crystall)


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