Treats…this is a word we learn young that forever induces a smile, and in many cases, a scramble.  For example, I’ve learned there is no point in calling my cats by name to get them to come inside when simply hollering “TREATS!” out the door will send them tumbling one over the other to be the first inside.  And kids?  Well, they can’t get to the table fast enough, after which there is the tussle over who has the biggest piece or who took more.  And as adults…well, we really aren’t any better.  We all have our favorite treats, and this time of the year, holidays seem to go hand in hand with treats.  Hey…it’s cold outside. So why not indulge in a bit of comfort food, a little extra padding to insulate us, and a bulky sweater to hide under for a few months.


Sweater: Cozy Boatneck Sweater Pumpkin – Drift

Skirt: Cozy Sweater Skirt Stripe 1 – Drift

Collar: Puffler Leopard – BOOM

Necklace: Munching Deer Necklace – ATTIC

Hair: Shena Soil – Vanity Hair

Makeup: Doe Natural – Face Paint

Pose: Autumn Leaves Set – Focus Poses

Scene: Autumn Harvest Fest Decorative Food Table and Autumn Harvest Fest Backdrop – Circa Living


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