Winter Fair – Styling 1

Throughout my life, during times when I was especially down, overwhelmed, or things seemed to be aligning against me, from out of nowhere suddenly a cardinal would appear.  It didn’t matter the season, or my whereabouts; when I needed a reminder that I wasn’t alone, I’d look up and that brilliant red bird would suddenly flit across my path.  I have come to associate cardinals as the harbinger of better things to come, brighter days on the horizon, and because of this, they always lift my spirit.  And without fail, shortly after seeing that bright flash of red, things always do have a way of turning around to the good.  So when you need something to hold on to…something to believe in, ask for a sign.  They have a way of appearing when you need them the most.

Winter Fair Styling 1-3

Winter Fair 2012 Styling 1

Winter Fair Styling 1-2

Styling 1:

Available at Winter Fair 2012

Hair: Calliope Brown – Hanoko

Skin: OneWay Captive Crema (comes with nude lips) – Modish

Sweater: Cardinal Mesh Sweater Dress – Graffittiwear

Scarf: Glitter Scarf Green and Button Gold – MiWardrobe

Pants: Jenyfer Brown Pants – Chloe

Boots: Wintercow Beige – Retro’

Nails: Starshine Glitter Nails – [SHOCK]

Other Items:

Arm Warmers: ArmWarmer Wool Blossom Cherry – Sweet Leonard

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzies

Cocoa: Hot Christmas Cocoa Red Flowers – Sweet Leonard

Poses: Classic AO – Amacci


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