Don’t Hurt Me Event March 23rd-24th

The animals in our lives…they give so much, and ask for so little.  The best part of their day is when you walk through the door.  They curl up beside you, a warm comfort, whenever you are sick.  They don’t care what you look like…you are always beautiful to them. They make you feel needed.  They make you laugh.  They love…and love…and love, truly unconditionally.

Don't Hurt Me Pic

To think that an animal doesn’t feel, doesn’t love, is to never have been blessed to have one in your life.  We share this planet with many species.  It is our responsibility to protect them, both for their sakes, and our own. Every year 5 to 7 million animals are in shelters nationwide.  Many others are abused, neglected, or killed senselessly.  We need to respect and care for the animals we are blessed to share this great planet with, both wild and domestic.


Don’t Hurt Me is a 24 hour fundraiser focused on highlighting the hurting animals out there, and what you can do to help.  It will be filled with back to back musical and dance performances from 3pm Saturday, March 23rd until 3pm Sunday, March 24th.  Please enjoy this wonderful day with us, and we hope you can donate to this important cause.  The show will be recorded in its entirety and streamed on metaverse, but you may also visit the live performances at the locations below.

Taxi to Musical Performances

Taxi to 7pm It Girlz & Fellaz Dance Performance


Sweater: Mesh Mock Neck Long Sleeve Red Stripe – Shine for SL Buddy Walk Charity Event

Hair: Angel Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Ring: Touch of Love Ring Gold/Ruby – Finesmith Valentine2012 Hunt item

Cat: Black Cat Avatar – Zooby


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