How to Make Magic

I’m going to say something that is going to sound somewhat contradictory, and yet it is entirely true.  There is no magic to making magic.  Let me explain what that means.  Magic, by its very nature, is a focused intention of will to create a tangible result or change.  Magic begins with a thought, coupled with a strong feeling of belief.  What you believe, you create.  What you focus on, you draw to you. The evidence of this is that there is nothing tangible that exists today, that did not begin as a seed of thought, coupled with a strong belief that it could be.  Belief inspires action, but it also sets the wheels in motion in the unseen realms.

Making Magic 1

It begins with something within us looking for a change; the belief that we deserve that change, and the belief that it can be. Once those beliefs are in place, one begins to live their life as though they have the fulfillment of their desire;  acting and talking as if that very thing is on the way, if not already arrived.  There is a settledness that comes over you, as you release that desire into the hands of whatever power you believe in, let go of fear and doubt, trusting and accepting that it is coming to you.  It is at this point that doors begin to open, new people are drawn to you, seeming coincidences begin to happen, and you begin to draw the thing you desire to you.  You find yourself moving forward, taking action, gaining momentum. This is the magic to making magic, to being a creator in your life. Don’t believe me?  Look at every major accomplishment in your life, and you will see that this is the very process that made it happen, and along the way, help often came from unlikely places.  There is no such thing as coincidence.

Making Magic

And for those who wonder or doubt if they deserve the magic they wish to have in their life?  Well, the very fact that there is a part of you that is not happy with where you are, is the very wise and knowing part of you that is trying to tell you; “Yes, you deserve something more, and you can have that magic in your life.”  Visualize, believe, release, and receive, that’s how you make magic.


Hair: Wound Up Cacao – Analog Dog

Outfit: Rochon Sapphire – FATEwear at the Fantasy Faire

Ears: Fairy Ears – Illusions at Fantasy Faire

Poses: Charisma Poses – Poise

Scene: MeadowWORKS at the Fantasy Faire


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