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Letting go

You’ve been letting me go, little by little for a while now, and I’ve been moving away.  You’ve been my temporary home, and in that time, more of a partner to me than others who vowed to love me till death parted us, but left far sooner.  You’ve never promised this to me, nor I to you, and yet you’ve shown your commitment to me in myriad ways, mostly by letting me be me, and loving me despite my quirks.

With you, I feel safe emotionally.  Safe enough to gradually…ever so gradually…let you go, because it is time, and I need to, even if I still love you.  We’ve both seen it coming, the love still there, but the reality of a future together dimming.  The gentle pulling away, spending more time living separate lives, clinging together briefly in moments of passion and panic, as though trying to reassure each other that it isn’t ending, but knowing in our hearts what is on the horizon.  Don’t speak of it…let’s not speak of it aloud.

shine-sharp casuals

Sometimes love isn’t enough, when what each one wants in life is so different. And still we love for today…letting go a little more each day, knowing there will come a day, in the not so distant future, when there is that last kiss goodbye, that final embrace, and then just feeling lost for a time without the other, hoping that what we had can eventually become an abiding friendship as we both move on to whatever life holds for us.

No…don’t speak of it today.  Don’t say it aloud, because today, I am still here.  You are still here.  We will love for today and let tomorrow unfold as it will.

shine-sharp casuals near


On Nyree:

Shirt: Girl’s Slim Mesh T Pastel Green – shine by [ZD]

Shorts: Mesh Girls Cargo Shorts Brown – shine by [ZD]

Necklace: Burst Necklace Carnelian and Silver – HANDverk

Lashes: Long Prim Lashes – Face Paint

Liner: NIC Perfect Liner Black – Face Paint

Lips: NIC Perfect Gloss – Face Paint

Hair/Hat: Lola Mesh Hair Chocolate – Wasabi Pills

Shoes: Sabia Espadrilles Linen – Tabloid

On Darion:

Shirt: Mesh Vintage Tee Plum – sharp by [ZD]

Shorts: Summer Cargo Shorts color-change – JLB Apparel

Hat/Hair: Boy/Girl 18 – Dura

Necklace: Men’s Happiness Choker Chaine – Wicked Gear

Scene: Mangrove Tree Bridge – Rustica

Pose: Follow – Glitterati


Sky Haven Sneak Peek

A little get-away, my own cozy haven.  Here is my room with a view, compliments of Circa Living, because everyone needs their own personal hideaway, filled with neutral tones and accessories that pop.

Circa Home for blog

Circa House w Sunbeam

And if you are needing a bit more room, the beauty of this skybox is that with a flat roof, you can build up.  I added on a patio area for my hot tub and outdoor entertaining.  The sky is the limit with this wonderful sky home.

Circa Skybox Double Decker

Scene Inside:

French Persuasion Skybox Ivory – Circa Living

Pallet Lounger – Trompe Loeil

Arizona Blackboard – Bazar Quality Homes and Furniture

Time Will Tell Table – Thistle

Ciel Large Photo Frame – [what next]

Owl Seating Couch – Boathouse

Sun Wall decor – Leezu

Mellow Table – Leezu

Ciel Art Shelf – [what next]

Ciel Fireside Chair Blue – [what next]

Ciel Ladder Shelf – [what next]

Ciel Mini Round Topiary – [what next]

Charlotte Home Bookends – Lisp

Chrysalis Shaft Light – Circa Living

DaVinci Carpet – Leezu

Morning Tea Rug – [what next]

Ciel Scatter Pillows – [what next]

Scene Outside:

French Persuasion Skybox Ivory – Circa Living

Sierra Firebowl – Circa Living

Muskota Deck Drink Table – Circa Living

Hanging Tri Planter – Trompe Loeil

Mayer Chair II – The Loft

Guitar Picker’s Chair – Zinnias

Triple Moon Fountain – Earthstones


Barrel Bath White – Trompe Loeil

Roya Dining Set – Bazar Quality Homes and Furniture

Roya Awning – Bazar Quality Homes and Furniture

Swept Away Grunge Painting – Circa Living

Palm in Planter – Geniwian

Sara Daybed – Cheeky Pea

Mellow Grass Vase – Leezu