Cabana Boy Not Included

There’s a deceptively simple box sitting in the window of the Circa Living booth at The Home show. It is labeled Paradise Reef Outdoor Massage Room, but looking at the little picture on the box just doesn’t give you the full feel for all the goodies on the inside.  Here’s some of what’s to love in the box. 17 pieces including the curtained teak cabana, animated massage table, massage mat with 2 tender sequenced scenes, two water features, one with water lilies, one with bamboo, rug, bamboo hanging lights,  plants, hot rocks and orchids, a shelf filled with spa supplies, incense, and towels and 4 tiki torches.

Circa Massage Room

This sensual little get away is perfect for backyard or poolside for the couple that loves to indulge each other with some TLC.

Circa Massage Room 3

I combined it with another offering at The Home Fair, Circa’s Avlona Outdoor Shower, which also comes with the plants you see in the white planters, so after you both get each other heated up with a bit of massage, you can cool back down again with a shower, either alone or together.

Circa Massage Room2

In fact, about the only thing not in one of these two boxes from Circa Living is the cabana boy, and he’s mine.  Sorry…you’ll have to get your own.

Circa Massage Room Couple


Paradise Reef Outdoor Massage Room – Circa Living at The Home Show

Avlona Outdoor Shower – Circa Living at The Home Show

Rowan Tea Screen – Cheeky Pea at Fameshed


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