Taste the Orient in your own backyard

This month’s Genre, with an East Asian theme, is just about to wrap up.  The offerings at Genre are easily one of the best bargains on the grid.  You can escape to the Orient without ever leaving home with the addition of one of Circa Living’s Ayumi Tea houses. There is a color for every taste, and at 100L a piece, that is a price that fits into anyone’s budget, complete with the amazing detail and quality Circa Living is known for.

Circa Tea House Distant

Circa Living is also offering their Ayumi Sitting sets, that coordinate with the tea house color of your choice, also only 100L.  This round of Genre wraps up on Sept 12, and when the goodies move to the store, the prices go up, so hurry over while you can to add a little Asian flare to your decor.

Circa Tea House


Hair: Suri in Chocolate – EMO-tions

Necklace: Chiasa Scaled Color-change Necklace – Zibska

Kimono: Mudare Yukata Red – Ade yakko (Limited Bazaar item)

Tights: Vacay Tights Cloud – LD Major

Shoes: Ballerina Flats Erea – Quality Designs

Pose: Manifeste


Ayumi Tea House in Brown/Blossom – Circa Living at Genre

Ayumi Tea House Sitting Set in Blossom, includes Pendant Light and Bamboo Vase – Circa Living at Genre

Water Lily Arrangement – Heart Botanicals

Arched Log Bridge – Botanical at FaMESHed


How to Make Magic

I’m going to say something that is going to sound somewhat contradictory, and yet it is entirely true.  There is no magic to making magic.  Let me explain what that means.  Magic, by its very nature, is a focused intention of will to create a tangible result or change.  Magic begins with a thought, coupled with a strong feeling of belief.  What you believe, you create.  What you focus on, you draw to you. The evidence of this is that there is nothing tangible that exists today, that did not begin as a seed of thought, coupled with a strong belief that it could be.  Belief inspires action, but it also sets the wheels in motion in the unseen realms.

Making Magic 1

It begins with something within us looking for a change; the belief that we deserve that change, and the belief that it can be. Once those beliefs are in place, one begins to live their life as though they have the fulfillment of their desire;  acting and talking as if that very thing is on the way, if not already arrived.  There is a settledness that comes over you, as you release that desire into the hands of whatever power you believe in, let go of fear and doubt, trusting and accepting that it is coming to you.  It is at this point that doors begin to open, new people are drawn to you, seeming coincidences begin to happen, and you begin to draw the thing you desire to you.  You find yourself moving forward, taking action, gaining momentum. This is the magic to making magic, to being a creator in your life. Don’t believe me?  Look at every major accomplishment in your life, and you will see that this is the very process that made it happen, and along the way, help often came from unlikely places.  There is no such thing as coincidence.

Making Magic

And for those who wonder or doubt if they deserve the magic they wish to have in their life?  Well, the very fact that there is a part of you that is not happy with where you are, is the very wise and knowing part of you that is trying to tell you; “Yes, you deserve something more, and you can have that magic in your life.”  Visualize, believe, release, and receive, that’s how you make magic.


Hair: Wound Up Cacao – Analog Dog

Outfit: Rochon Sapphire – FATEwear at the Fantasy Faire

Ears: Fairy Ears – Illusions at Fantasy Faire

Poses: Charisma Poses – Poise

Scene: MeadowWORKS at the Fantasy Faire

Ethereal Serenity

I love it when a dress lives up to its name, and Ethereal Serenity from The White Armory does just that.  The bodice is reminiscent of a Greek Goddess, the skirt is flowing princess perfection in tone on tone white damask trimmed in gold, sure to make you shine.

TWA Ethereal Serenity


Gown: Ethereal Serenity – The White Armory

Hair: Poem Soil – Son!a

Necklace: Bogato Necklace – glow

Makeup: Aphrodite Smoke – Face Paint

Pose: Everglow

The White Armory – Arwen Evenstar Gown and upcoming show

I recently had a fun evening out with the family to see “The Hobbit.”  This Tolkien classic in book form was my first foray into the medieval/fantasy genre back when I had just turned 13, and I have been a diehard fan or all things fantasy and magical ever since.  Noting the many cameos from some of “The Lord of the Ring” cast, I had wondered if we would also see Liv Tyler, playing Arwen, who I think makes the perfect elf. I won’t tell you if I did or I didn’t, as you may wish to see the movie, but I was nonetheless inspired to style up Bee Dumplings Arwen Evenstar gown, from The White Armory in homage.

With arm drapes reminiscent of calla lilies, floaty lavender chiffon, waterfall sleeves, and a sparkle here and there that makes me think of fireflies at dusk, this is elven glamour at its best.

And for more fantasy and fashion, mark your calendars now for The White Armory’s Winter Wonderland show, scheduled for January 19th, at 2pm.  Tp to the store, then take a teleport up to the Ice Fantasy Platform.

TWA Arwen Eventide Close

Finishing this look is delicate diamond Delphine jewelry from Virtual Impressions, matching Bouquet eye makeup from White Widow and a fancy updo from Son!a.  Although, I think I still need to add elf ears to my shopping list for the next go around.

TWA Arwen Eventide Full


Gown: Arwen Elvenstar Gown – The White Armory

Jewelry: Delphine – Virtual Impressions

Hair: Mon Ange Soil – Son!a

Makeup: Bouquet Silver – White Widow, Pandora Mizu Thunderbird – [mock], Lipgloss 2 Rose – Izzie’s


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. You really are a heel.

You’re as cuddly as a cactus. You’re as charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch

Winter Fair Grinch

You’re a bad banana with a…. greasy black peel.

Winter Fair Grinch2


Hat: Dragon Winter Hat – FreakyDesign at Winter Fair 2012

Props: Cookie Jar & Candy Tongue (Winter Fair Gift) – Tentacio at Winter Fair 2012

Outfit: Not So St. Nick (Womenstuff Hunt) – NV Corsetry

Collar: Fur Multi-color – Step InSide at Winter Fair 2012

Cardigan: Winter Wool Cardigan Black and Green – Tentacio at Winter Fair 2012

Tights: Ripped Stockings – Erratic

Boots: Couple Equestrian Boots Green – BSD Design Studio at Winter Fair 2012

Pose/Ottaman: Sexy Pouf – Focus Poses

Cabin: Designed and built by Jude Ghostraven (please contact her inworld for custom builds)

Fireplace: Christmas Stone Fireplace – The House of Avro at Christmas Expo 2012

Tree:  Christmas Tree 2012 – Kismet

Paint Your World

What a fun time I had exploring Cica Ghost’s black and white *Cica* sim. It is the perfect backdrop to showcase fun, bright clothing and accessories that just leap off the page.

I’m feeling painterly in a bright multi-hued wrap dress from Lush Limited, artsy accessories from HANDverk, and playful blue rhapsody shoes from BSD Design Studio.  I even have a smattering of freckles, thanks to Face Paint’s new Pippi makeup.

It is also a reminder that life is our canvas…leave your mark.  Bring some color into someone’s life.  Be an individual that stands out, rather than blends in.  Childlike is not childish…never lose your joy.  So many metaphors to be found from one awesomely creative sim.


Dress: Wrap It Up Dress in blood/plum/blue – Lush Limited

Earrings: Brush earrings blue period/silver – HANDverk at FaMESHed

Necklace: Palette bolo standard/silver – HANDverk at L’accessoires

Art Accessories: Paint Palette and Paint Brush – HANDverk at FaMESHed

Shoes: Blue Rhapsody – BSD Design Studio at L’accessoires

Makeup: Pippi mauve w blush – Face Paint

Hair: Jessica flames – EMO-tions

Hat: Velvet Purple Cap – BAOBA at L’accessoires for Black Friday

Poses: Daisey and Prima Donna – Diesel Works,  Down Low – WetCat

Location: *Cica*

Cinema and TRPH Styling – The Drama and the Elegance

Just a few hours left to swing by Cinema 2012 to pick up a design that can be either dramatic costume or  elegant evening dress.

You will make a striking Queen of the Nile in this fabulous Cobra Queen gown by 22769, including the headpiece and snake boa.  The colors are rich and regal, swathing you in black, gold, and purple silk in this flowing mesh gown.

Madrid Solo’s Raven’s Flock accents this look with makeup worthy of Egyptian royalty.

Finally, if you are looking for a more modern look that is just as dramatic, this versatile gown converts from B.C. to A.D. formal evening wear simply by switching to a tousled jewel-bedecked updo by EMO-tions and the Miracle ring, Chop Zuey’s item for The Runway Perfect Hunt, also ending at 11:59pm Oct 31st.


Gown/headpiece/cobra: Cobra Queen – 22769 at Cinema 2012  mainstore location here

Makeup: Raven’s Flock – Madrid Solo

Ring: Miracle – Chop Zuey for The Runway Perfect Hunt

Hair: Anushka – EMO-tions

Poses: Corpus Poses