Just in Time for Tyne – Skin Fair 2014 Last Chance

Last day of Skin Fair 2014 is March 30, and you still have time to pick up Amacci’s new Tyne skin.  I had so much fun playing with this skin, because in addition to all the pretty eye and cheek colors varieties built into the skin itself, lips come bare until you start mixing and matching the complimentary lip tattoos in the pack.  I couldn’t resist, which you’ll see below. Each skin comes with the bare skin plus one makeup option.   But if I can be completely honest…the best option is fatpack.  Take a look for yourself.  Appliers to match your Lolas, Phatt Azz, and Slinks can also be purchased separately. While Tyne is currently featured at Skin Fair in Cream, once it rolls out to the stores, even more skin tones will be available.

Amacci Tyne_004

Amacci Tyne Collection

And while we are discussing events, also be sure to check out Genre’s Mer theme, where you can find Circa Living’s siren-inspired vanity, which also includes a stool (not shown) loaded with animations so you can primp til your heart’s content.

Amacci Tyne_001


Skin: Tyne (fatpack) – Amacci at Skin Fair 2014

Hair: Star Struck Aries – Analog Dog at Arcade

Vanity: Siren’s Song Vanity green – Circa Living at Genre

Outfit: Iridescent Lyra – Mermaid’s Treasure & Boutique

Jewelry: Only You Elite (color-change) – Zuri’s Jewelry

Location: Celestial Dreams


Skin Fair 2014: Meja by BLUSH Skins

Beauty may only be skin deep, but Meja from BLUSH Skins  is a deeply beautiful skin, no matter which shade you wear.  Available now at Skin Fair 2014, Meja from BLUSH comes in several different skin tones, with and without bust enhancement, and with Slink and Lola appliers available.  Multiple eyebrow colors are included so you can customize  your look. And now that traffic has begun to mellow during the last week of the fair, it is the best time to cruise over to find your self a fresh new look for the season.

Blush Meja


Skin: Meja in Dark, Pale, Tan, and Light Tan – BLUSH Skins at the Skin Fair 2014

Hair: Nova – EMO-tions

Eyes: Ikon

Poses: Scarlett – Diesel Works

Top: Sweet Nothings Scarlet – Mon Cheri



Winter Fair – Styling 1

Throughout my life, during times when I was especially down, overwhelmed, or things seemed to be aligning against me, from out of nowhere suddenly a cardinal would appear.  It didn’t matter the season, or my whereabouts; when I needed a reminder that I wasn’t alone, I’d look up and that brilliant red bird would suddenly flit across my path.  I have come to associate cardinals as the harbinger of better things to come, brighter days on the horizon, and because of this, they always lift my spirit.  And without fail, shortly after seeing that bright flash of red, things always do have a way of turning around to the good.  So when you need something to hold on to…something to believe in, ask for a sign.  They have a way of appearing when you need them the most.

Winter Fair Styling 1-3

Winter Fair 2012 Styling 1

Winter Fair Styling 1-2

Styling 1:

Available at Winter Fair 2012

Hair: Calliope Brown – Hanoko

Skin: OneWay Captive Crema (comes with nude lips) – Modish

Sweater: Cardinal Mesh Sweater Dress – Graffittiwear

Scarf: Glitter Scarf Green and Button Gold – MiWardrobe

Pants: Jenyfer Brown Pants – Chloe

Boots: Wintercow Beige – Retro’

Nails: Starshine Glitter Nails – [SHOCK]

Other Items:

Arm Warmers: ArmWarmer Wool Blossom Cherry – Sweet Leonard

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzies

Cocoa: Hot Christmas Cocoa Red Flowers – Sweet Leonard

Poses: Classic AO – Amacci

When it’s time to change…then it’s time to change

Look what I found shopping in my own inventory.  I think I like. Oh the surprises you find when you try to make sense of the chaos.  “When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange, from who you are into what you’re gonna be.” lyrics from When It’s Time to Change by: The Brady Bunch


Hair: Taylor Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Skin: Heidy – Essences at The Dressing Room

Makeup: Indigo’s Marooned Green Winterberry Makeover – [mock]

Earrings: Tabula Rasa earrings (group gift) – Chop Zuey

Necklace/Bracelet: Safari Set – Finesmith

Dress: Danger Zone – LD Major

Pose: BehaviorBody

Catch a sunbeam

I have noticed that no matter how small the sliver, a cat can always find a sunbeam to bask in.  And who can blame them really, because to catch a sunbeam, even if to just run your fingers through it, is to be pet by warmth.  One of my fondest memories, and one I still close my eyes to return to when I need a break from life, is a visit to Maui, lying on the beach, hearing the gulls and the waves.  But where the true contentment comes from in this memory, is remembering the warmth.  I can see the light, even from behind my closed eyelids, and the sun-warmed ocean breeze makes it feel as though I’m being caressed by sunshine.  It is a sensuous and languid experience, and profoundly relaxing.  My kitties are right, it really does feel good to be pet by a sunbeam.


Skin: Isabella mid tone 1 – WoW Skins at The Boho Culture Fair

Top: We Love Boho Bra (part of the We Love Boho outfit) – Fashion Fears at The Boho Culture Fair

Skirt: SS Sagre Vino Maxi Skirt – Saris Creations at The Boho Culture Fair

Shoes: Love is Free Sandals (part of the Love is Free Outfit) –  Nya’s Shop at The Boho Culture Fair

Earrings/Bracelet: Gipsy Set – Moonshadow at The Boho Culture Fair

Necklace: Boho Hippy Chic Necklace – NcParis at The Boho Culture Fair

Hair: Melody (front facing pics) and Yula (back pic) – EMO-tions

Tattoo: Love the Life You Live Tattoo – Tenjin

Headband: Hippie Chain Headband Stone – MONS

Poses: Model 103 and Boho Set (at The Boho Culture Fair) – Focus Poses

The Runway Perfect Hunt Styling 1

I like to challenge myself sometimes to see how many of my designers I can feature in a single post.  I consider it a personal styling challenge in and of itself.  This post came together so effortlessly with 6 designers’ offerings as part of The Runway Perfect hunt, plus one lovely ethnic hair from EMO-tions. I’ve been getting compliments on this outfit all day as I’ve been out and about continuing my hunting.  The textures are luscious and the Silken Moon skin is just luminous.


Hair: Naomi Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Skin: Stella Dark Timewarp (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Silken Moon

Eye Makeup: TRPH3 Black and White (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – White Widow

Lips: Bella Vetro Gloss Toast – [mock]

Pants and Top: Pantalon Pants and Pull Top (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – Ala Folie

Necklace: Petale Choker (The Runway Perfect Hunt) – Tres Beau

Earrings/Bracelet/Purse: From the Betty Outfit (The Runway Perfect Hunt 3) – CHG Fashion

Pose: PRH Female 1 (The Runway Perfect Hunt) – Morphine Poses

Kissing frogs

The old adage; “Sometimes you have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince,” isn’t only an expression related to persistence in finding a mate.   I see it as a phrase that talks about how we should live life.  I think it is good to dabble in life, to continue to explore, and to do so persistently.  And if you should ever feel yourself stuck in a rut, just going through the motions, one of the best ways to break out is to stretch outside your comfort zone to “kiss a new frog”…try something new.  Sometimes our comfort zone feels like the only safe place, and it is fine to rest there for a time, but if we don’t continue to grow, to experience, to learn, we begin to die.   A part of us is always reaching, always moving, even without our consent or knowledge sometimes.  So keep kissing frogs…experiencing newness, keeping life fresh.

I’m living the fairytale with some wonderful offerings from the first round of The Fairy Closet, a monthly event running from the 10th-30th of each month with a collection of fantasy themed items, including hair, clothes, poses, makeups, poses, and props from different designers.  In fact…this entire post was created using only Fairy Closet finds, with the exception of the pose.  Here is your taxi to Fairy Closet.  Links below are direct to the designers’ stores, which are NOT just fantasy themed, so you can see their entire collection.


Hair: Farica – Hinako Hair and Clothing

Skin: Leah skin, including freckles and beauty mark – EnvyMe

Flower Tattoo/makeup: Faylinn – Moonshadow

Dress:  Princess Fairy blue, including Daisy Belt and Frog: YoKana

Collar: Kayan collar antique – SaKrO

Shoes: Marlene Pumps soft blue – YoKana

Poses: Agapee Poses