Review Policies

Currently not accepting any new blogger groups or events until RL settles down a bit.

As a rule, I request 1-2 weeks from receipt to review your design.  If I am part of your blogging group, you can expect to see blog posts of your designs at least once or more during each month.  If you would like me to review your design(s), please send them in a BOX with a vendor pic and notecard requesting review, with any pertinent info you would like me to know about the item.  In your notecard, please include your SL contact name and store LM, as I always visit the stores of the designers I blog to better understand your style and vision prior to blogging.  Please also sent me an IM so that I can make a point to look for your designs in inventory.

If you have read my blogging philosophy, then you know fashion means two things to me…creativity and passion.  This means, I blog what inspires me, and I may coordinate pieces from other designers along with your item(s) to display a fully styled look in my pictures.  I may decline to review a piece if I feel I cannot present it in light of how the designer may wish, or am simply swamped with reviews to complete and feel I cannot provide a good turnaround time for you.   I also do not blog shapes or items that show private bits.  Thank you for your flexibility, and I look forward to making your designs sparkle.  ~Nyree Soulstar~

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