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Just in Time for Tyne – Skin Fair 2014 Last Chance

Last day of Skin Fair 2014 is March 30, and you still have time to pick up Amacci’s new Tyne skin.  I had so much fun playing with this skin, because in addition to all the pretty eye and cheek colors varieties built into the skin itself, lips come bare until you start mixing and matching the complimentary lip tattoos in the pack.  I couldn’t resist, which you’ll see below. Each skin comes with the bare skin plus one makeup option.   But if I can be completely honest…the best option is fatpack.  Take a look for yourself.  Appliers to match your Lolas, Phatt Azz, and Slinks can also be purchased separately. While Tyne is currently featured at Skin Fair in Cream, once it rolls out to the stores, even more skin tones will be available.

Amacci Tyne_004

Amacci Tyne Collection

And while we are discussing events, also be sure to check out Genre’s Mer theme, where you can find Circa Living’s siren-inspired vanity, which also includes a stool (not shown) loaded with animations so you can primp til your heart’s content.

Amacci Tyne_001


Skin: Tyne (fatpack) – Amacci at Skin Fair 2014

Hair: Star Struck Aries – Analog Dog at Arcade

Vanity: Siren’s Song Vanity green – Circa Living at Genre

Outfit: Iridescent Lyra – Mermaid’s Treasure & Boutique

Jewelry: Only You Elite (color-change) – Zuri’s Jewelry

Location: Celestial Dreams


Winter Sophisticate

Twilight.  A little moody.  A little sultry.  With a hint of chill.  Grab your coat and head outside for a winter stroll. This gorgeous plaid coat in warm colors with fur trim is a group gift from ShuShu.

ShuShu Kiss Coat

Adding to the sultry, shadowy feel of the evening is Face Paint’s Sophisticate makeup with dramatic smokey eyes. Each set also comes with a lash liner option for red carpet glam.

ShuShu Face Paint Sophisticate


Coat: Evening Kiss Coat (Group Gift) – ShuShu

Collar: Chic Collar Cranberry – Drift

Makeup: Sophisticate – Face Paint

Hair: Sira Jet Black – Amacci

Leggings: Wool Pants Red – Milk Motion

Purse: Azealia Mini Bag Black – Fleshtone

Boots: Warm Boot Black – Piccara

Poses: Model 115 and Model 117 – Focus Poses

Winter Fair – Styling 1

Throughout my life, during times when I was especially down, overwhelmed, or things seemed to be aligning against me, from out of nowhere suddenly a cardinal would appear.  It didn’t matter the season, or my whereabouts; when I needed a reminder that I wasn’t alone, I’d look up and that brilliant red bird would suddenly flit across my path.  I have come to associate cardinals as the harbinger of better things to come, brighter days on the horizon, and because of this, they always lift my spirit.  And without fail, shortly after seeing that bright flash of red, things always do have a way of turning around to the good.  So when you need something to hold on to…something to believe in, ask for a sign.  They have a way of appearing when you need them the most.

Winter Fair Styling 1-3

Winter Fair 2012 Styling 1

Winter Fair Styling 1-2

Styling 1:

Available at Winter Fair 2012

Hair: Calliope Brown – Hanoko

Skin: OneWay Captive Crema (comes with nude lips) – Modish

Sweater: Cardinal Mesh Sweater Dress – Graffittiwear

Scarf: Glitter Scarf Green and Button Gold – MiWardrobe

Pants: Jenyfer Brown Pants – Chloe

Boots: Wintercow Beige – Retro’

Nails: Starshine Glitter Nails – [SHOCK]

Other Items:

Arm Warmers: ArmWarmer Wool Blossom Cherry – Sweet Leonard

Lips: Masquerade Makeup Red – Izzies

Cocoa: Hot Christmas Cocoa Red Flowers – Sweet Leonard

Poses: Classic AO – Amacci

Belong on the cover of Vogue – MVW Day 3

On Day 3, the BIG DAY, of Miss Virtual World Academy, we were challenged to get inspired by a Vogue Cover and style as if we belonged on the cover of Vogue.

I spent a fair amount of time perusing Vogue covers to find that most of them had only a face shot.  Digging a bit further into the pages, I saw a trend towards feminine gowns this year, along with a fair amount of haute couture and avant garde.  I chose the lovely Leezu Adriana gown as my inspiration piece.  I love the interesting shape of the skirt, the modern dots, and the lovely sheen to the fabric. It further caught my eye because the wonderful shapes could lend themselves to some mix and match play in the future to create something one-of-a-kind, and I love multi-use outfits.

I accented it with pearl Donna Flora jewelry to echo the dots and combined two Amacci hairstyles into one formal updo.  With lovely White Widow makeup to finish my look, I was feeling very elegant and ready for my Vogue cover.

And the results….I did NOT pass Day 3 of MVW Academy.  My feedback, which I sought out following Day 3 was that, while I looked beautiful and I was on the right track, they did not feel they saw enough of my personality in my styling.  I suspect it would have been preferred for me to “make something new” with component pieces of several outfits or separates.  I also had a minor prim issue that I was unable to correct to my satisfaction, and this was also noted by the judges, as it effected my pose selection.

I am not daunted, by the way, that I did not graduate the first time around.  Many, in fact most, do not.  I have known excellent models in the industry who took 2, and even 3 times, to pass MVW Academy, and done exceptional work in the meantime.  So…I will be back for my own round 2 in the coming months, and hopefully doing some exceptional work myself in-between.


Hair: Paz & Pythia – Amacci

Makeup: Lilas in Silver – White Widow, Ruby Ruby Lipshine – [mock]

Gown: Adriana Teal – Leezu

Jewelry: Miranda Set with Color-change gems – Donna Flora

Shoes: Nikki Sandals Color-change Fatpack- Redgrave

Poses: Manifeste and Everglow

Soft, Fluffy and Flirty?

Soft, fluffy, and flirty? Yes, you can have all three.  We usually think of soft and fluffy as cute and cuddly, but this look certainly suggests otherwise.  Soft and fluffy starts with a Fur Bolero from Molichino.  I love this piece with 2 different arm options.  I included the shoulder attachments to give this jacket a winged look, though they can be left off for a more relaxed shape. It adds class to any outfit.  Soft is also color… an aqua dotted corset from TuttiFrutti and mesh shorts from Molichino add casual feminine appeal.

Finally, soft and fluffy is topping the look with not one, but two different hairs, both from Amacci.  I couldn’t decide between Amacci’s Paz and Pythia.  In a lucky accident, I added them both on together and the result was this fluffy updo with soft romantic tendrils.  I LOVE them together…it was like getting a surprise buy 2, get one free hair.  See…soft, fluffy, and flirty…it is possible.


Jacket: Fur Bolero in Snow – Molichino

Corset: Andrea Ruffled Corset – TuttiFrutti

Shorts: Mesh Kaia Shorts in Turquoise – Molichino

Hair: Paz and Pythia (worn together) – Amacci

Jewelry: Folieole in Maple – Finesmith

Poses: Corpus

A Sassy little number

If there is such a thing as a casual, dressy dress, this is it.  The bodice is reminiscent of a green satin hair bow and the fresh print in cedar, orange, and lime on white is, as its name says; Sassy.  With a short under-dress accented by a floor-length bell-shaped train, and clean, contemporary lines, Sofia Gotter of Styles blurs the boundaries between casual and formal with this sassy little number, leaving the choice to you, based on how you choose to accessorize it.

I decided for a blend between casual and classy, adding cedar accents, including the Noble collar and Atomic earrings by Poulet Koenkamp of PurpleMoon, Daria ring by Donna Flora, and Wild Sandals by Finesmith.


Dress: Sassy in Green – Styles by Gotter

Necklace:  Noble Collar in Cedar – PurpleMoon

Earrings: Atomic Earrings in Cedar and Gold – PurpleMoon

Ring: Daria – Donna Flora

Hair: Lily – Amacci

Makeup: Jelly Bean eyeshadow – Oceane’s Body Design

Sandals: Wild Sandals in Sepia – Finesmith

Poses: Manifeste