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Happy Summer…Happy Summer Separates

Today is the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of summer.  So, happy summer to you all, and…happy summertime separates.  It is time for brights and lights, beginning with silky mesh Baila pants from Blueberry.  Available in solids and a variety of prints, these are flow-with-you pants that are casual enough to layer over your favorite bathing suit or silky top, like my Oasis Champagne Silk from AngelWing. Combined with a short-sleeved sweater from elly, and you should stay comfortable even with a breeze off the water.

Also catching the breeze is my summertime jewelry, including this wood and metal Wild necklace from LaGyo, and Lush Limited’s Geometry shutter earrings in cool shades of blue and green.  The  earrings remind me of Asian lattice-work,  and the set includes the silver nose stud to add just a touch of exotic to any outfit.  The Geometry set is on sale now at the Fashion Cache through Friday the 22nd.   Lush has also revamped their flagship store with many new seasonal offerings, so take the Lush Limited taxi to have a look at all their new goodies.


Bolero: Bolero in blue – elly

Blouse: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Pants: Baila Mesh Pants in Flowers in Orange – Blueberry

Earrings/Nose Stud: Geometry Shutter Earrings and Nose Ring – Lush Limited available at the Fashion Cache through June 22

Necklace: Wild Necklace – LaGyo

Belly Ring: Oasis Champagne Silks Belly Ring – Angelwing

Hair: Tiramisu – LOQ

Makeup: Ocean Breeze Heart’s Desire Makeover – [mock]

Poses: Agapee

Backdrop: Coastal Pack – PNP


This Petite Battle Fairy is NO angel

This pixie is no angel.  In fact, they say that pixies are too bad for heaven, and too good for hell, because you can’t take the mischief out of a pixie.  In my Petite Battle Fairy outfit, new from Angelwing, at least I look like an angel with my white wings and magical staff.  Maybe I’ll be an avenging fairy angel, protector of the innocent, all ready to smite foes of any size in a divine battle with one blast from my staff. *Considers the magical staff, appraising it visually, eyes narrowing with a twinkle of intention* I wonder if I can call down the wrath of God with this thing.  I just may try, but first I think I’ll test it out by  delivering someone a surprise hot-foot.  *wings lift and fluff in anticipation as she looks around for victims*  Nope…just can’t take the mischief out of the pixie.

Petite Battle Fairy from Angelwing is on special now at the Fantasy Faire through Sunday.  Your chariot is here.


Outfit/Wings/Jewelry & Staff: Petite Battle Fairy – Angelwing – Fantasy Faire and mainstore

Hair: Bridgette Petite – Glamorous Sin

Pose: Morgane Batista Poses Shop

Dance the Wild Fairy Dance

Fantasy Faire April 21-29th…NOT just for Fairies

Come and play as the wild fairies play

In a magical circle, a fairy ring.

You won’t want to leave and forever you’ll stay

Where the vision is bright as spring.

Come and dance the wild fairy dance

Spin in a circle as fast as light

Once you begin you are caught in a trance

And the world can grow old in a single night.

Full song: Wild Fairy Dance by Gary Stadler



Wings: Maiestre Wings 10 Pack (RFL Item) – Material Squirrel

Dress: Cerridwen RFL Edition – ::{Elysium}::

Eye Makeup:  RFL Edition – ::{Elysium}::

Lipstick:Soft Kisses 1 – Madrid Solo

Hair: Lys – Vanity Hair

Jewelry: Cycle Set in Amethyst – PurpleMoon – Tropicalia Bazaar

Pose: Manifeste

Styling: Note- All locations are Fantasy Faire locations

Wings: Funky Butterfly Wings (RFL Item) – Pyewicket’s Myths & Mythos

Outfit: Melisell – Fantasy Faire – Elvenbreath

Jewelry: Selva on Earth set in Brown – PurpleMoon

Hair: Mademoiselle Butterfly – Osmose

Pose: “Do You Believe” – Wetcat Poses


Skin: ND/MD Faith Skin – Vamp w/Teeth (RFL Item) – ND/MD Fantasy Skins & Shapes

Wings: Rainbow Wings (RFL Item) – Pyewicket’s Myths & Mythos

Dress: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Hair: Chignon – Osmose

Pose: Corpus


Wings: Harmony Wings with Swirls Petite (RFL Item) – Material Squirrel

Dress: Petite Spring Fairy – Angelwing

Hair: Monique Petite Mesh – Wasabi Pills

Pose: Rook Poses

Can’t help but chase the Matador

Is it just my imagination, or is something following me?  Well…it is certainly possible, I suppose.  With a tease and a taunt, like a matador’s cape Matador by Belladonna Couture beckons; “Come and get me”.

This hot little number is a mix of red leather and lace; seen in the sheer lace overskirt, edging the waistband and along the bottom of the swishy flared skirt. Paired with a bold off-the-shoulder blouse, this outfit is deserving of a hearty; “Ole.”

But what is underneathe is even more provocative.  When the “cape” comes off, this set includes a strapless bra and panties trimmed in lace flowers, leaves and hearts with matching red fishnet stockings.  No wonder I’m being followed.

Style Card:


Blouse, Skirt, Bra, Panties and Stockings:  Matador – Belladonna Couture

Shoes: Mum – Black & Red – Lindy


Hair: Lanna – Osmose

Flower Hat: Noir Roses Hat – Chignon – Osmose

Scarf: Sofitel – Angelwing

Earrings: Moon in Scorpio – Chop Zuey

Bracelets: Pearl Rain – Onyx – Mandala

Nails: Mandala

Poses: Glitterati