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Candy Dreams and Whimsy Wishes

Let me be a kid again, lost in dreams of candylands, fairies, and mermaids.  We all need a little sweetness and magic in our lives, no matter how old we get.

Candy Dreams and Whimsy Wishes

And this post is just a nail and ring fest from two great designers, with  some colorful fun nails from Shellac for your slink hands, and yummy rings, with  couture appeal, that you can find in the gatchas at Circa Living, now that the Candy Fair has closed. Nails come in 6 or more color varieties per pack, and also include the toe nail polish. This is just a sampling of styles and colors for rings and nails.

Candy Rings


Makeup: Exotical 1 – Shellac

Hair: Locked Brown – elikatira (no longer available)

Outfit: Sohma Tank Tunic Outfit – Senzafine

Jewelry: Vellox Necklace – Kunglers

Shoes: Isabella Sandals Teal – Gos at Collabor88

Pose: Are You Worthy – Neiva Kumasi Poses

Nails/Ring upper left: Lattice Nails – Shellac, & Rock My Candy ring – Circa Living

Nails/Ring upper right: Autumn Palette Nails – Shellac, & Just Been Kissed ring – Circa Living

Nails/Ring bottom left: Angle Cut Nails – Shellac, & Angel Mint ring – Circa Living

Nails/Ring bottom right: Windows Nails – Shellac & Stick Mint ring – Circa Living


Toy Box, candy stash: Candy Dreams Wood Chest – Circa Living

Pillow: Candy Dreams Floor Pillow Sugar Honey – Circa Living

Candy Dish: Candy Dreams Candy Dish Lemon – Circa Living

Candy Picture: In the Spirit of Candy – Circa Living

Fall Picture: Fallen Autumn Print – Circa Living

Lava Lamp: Candy Dreams Liquid Lava Lamp Gold – Circa Living

Hanging Lamps: Paper Lanterns Mixed Trio – Dysfunctional Designs

Hanging Wings: Angel Wings with color-changer – Unknown

Shelf: Blank Shelf Small (group gift) – Dysfunctional Designs

Suitcase: Suitcase White – Sickly Sweet

Fairies: Porcelain Fairies (gatcha item) – Baiastice

Mermaids: Mermaid figurines (gatcha item) – Culprit

Book: Where the Sidewalk Ends – floorplan

Rug: Paradise Reef Swirled – Circa Living


Shine for Avenue Fall Fashion Week

The time for cozy clothes and rich colors has arrived.  Here is just one of the gorgeous seasonal outfits you will find on the runway at Avenue’s Fall Fashion Week, brought to you by shine by [ZD]. The plum of the wool trench and skirt combo is a perfect canvas for mix and match with contrasting and complementary colors.  I chose a pretty deep teal in my color-play. Plus, the outfit is a two piece, meaning you can break the pieces apart for additional fashion fun options.

Shine for Ave Fashion WeekStyling:

Outfit: Fashion Week Outfit 6 Jill Plum – shine by [ZD] for Avenue Fall Fashion Week.

Shirt: Ivonne in Leather Black – Baiastice

Scarf: Autumn Wool Scarf – Sweet Leonard

Hair/Hat: Nele Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Clutch: Leather Feather Clutch Blue – HANDverk

Pose: Revealed – Ma Vie

Off Kilter

My life has gotten a little off-kilter somehow, and my tendency now is to look for what I can change.  When it gets like this, I’m not looking for a small correction either, it means something drastic is about to happen..something drastic I am going to do…to force it to happen, because there is that part inside me that demands its voice and it says “Enough is enough.” I know, that sounds rather extremist, but it has never failed me before.

Rock This TownIn the past when things have really turned around have been those moments of sudden awareness and even anger when I took a stand and said “Stop…I am the maker of my destiny, and this is what we are doing now,” and I take my power back.  It is funny how it often takes the pain building up to the breaking point before one is reminded that we have that power.  Until then we go along, go along, because it is easier to float with the tide.

Rock This Town Close

When we let life sweep us this way and that, we ought not to be surprised to wake up and find we are in some strange and uncomfortable destination, and yet we usually are.  We wonder how things could possibly have gotten to this point.  It’s time to turn the rudder, rock the boat, drive a stake in the ground and mark the day.  Today is the day for reckoning, and change is on the horizon.


Hair: Strangelove Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Makeup: Pure Drama Red No Lip – Face Paint

Shirt/Blazer: Open Mesh Blazer with Tee Red – Shine for SL Buddy Walk

Purse: Flamingo Clutch Mango – HANDverk at L’accessoires

Shorts: Linda Mesh Shorts (Group Gift) – Blueberry

Stockings: Ripped Stockings – Erratic

Gloves: Leather Gloves Black – Izzie’s

Necklace: Zaza Necklace Color-change – Zibska

Boots: Black over-knee stretch boots – Baiastice

Lips: Dailyn Lipstick Dark Cherry – Izzie’s

Poses: Natya – Diesel Works and Model 127 – Focus Poses

Go….go now!

For all you boho fans, modern day hippies, and gypies at heart, this is the place to go.  !gO! is one of my newest discoveries, and having a touch of gypsy in me, I want everything in the store.  !gO! is a mecca for casual bohemian and funky friendly fashion.  I’m wearing the blOOm mesh dress, which comes in so many wonderful prints you could wear it out or wear it to bed, depending on your selection.  This dress has comfort appeal, draping loose from spaghetti straps with big side pockets for some casual chic.  So go…go now, to !gO!, for some fresh new favorites for your wardrobe.

I’m also wearing one of the new mesh Secrets hairs called Whisper.  I love the face framing tendrils and big full ponytail under my huge floppy hat.  What I also love is that the new Secrets mesh hair is adjustable.  The skull portion of the hair is sculpted, so you can adjust it to fit your head, instead of having to adjust your head to the hair, and yet, the entire hair, mesh and all, is still one piece.  So not only is Whisper lovely and feminine in style, it is very user friendly for a mesh item.


Hat: Huge brim mesh hat in coral – Baiastice

Hair: Whisper in Sable – Secrets

Dress: blOOm dress – !gO!

Jewelry: Wanderer Jewelry Set in Wood Medley – League

Clutch: Box Clutch White – Coco Designs

Nails: Mandala

Eyeshadow: Paint Shimmer Shadow Brown – Face Paint

Lips: Ruby Ruby Lipshine – [mock]

Shoes: Forever Heels Gold – Glitterati

Poses: Model 74 – Focus Poses

Jewel Box Mesh Jumpsuit

Better than a coat of many colors is my jewel box mesh jumpsuit, Anais in Maui by Baiastice. This outfit simply makes me happy!  It is like all my favorite sparklies from the jewelry box mixed together into one silky, fun outfit.  And since the jumpsuit is mesh, it moves and shapes to the body beautifully.

For good measure, I raided the real jewelry box to add a few more sparklies from Finesmith and mE, because we girls just love our sparklies.

Style Card:

Outfit: Anais Mesh Jumpsuit – Maui – Baiastice

Necklace: Folieole – Earth – OGlam Mall exclusive – Finesmith at OGlam Mall

Earrings: Pansy Earrings – Gold-Orange – mE.

Clutch: – Studs Purse – Color Change (Browns) – Old&New

Shoes: Python 130 Pumps Chic Patent – Gold – Leverocci

Hair: Anna – EMO-tions

Nails: Mandala

Makeup: Madrid Solo & ABS