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Femme Fatale

Femme by Belladonna Couture is a little bit Grace Kelly, a sprinkling of Jackie O,  with a heaping dash of Audrey Hepburn.  AbbyRose Abbot (Glendevon) took both a simple, yet clever approach to styling this dress, with patterns strategically placed to show off woman curves and clean lines on a backdrop of elegant black.  Blended all together, this dress is all about looking and being a classy and capable lady, no matter what storms come your way.


Dress: Femme – Belladonna Couture

Scarf: Parisian Summer Scarf in Rouge – Pididdle at My Attic @ the Deck

Hair: Minerva – Vanity Hair

Jewelry: Folieole – Maple – Finesmith

Makeup: [mock]

Pose: Morgane Batista Poses


Denim and Dots

When we think of play clothes, even as adults, our thoughts naturally turn to denim.  AbbyRose Abbot of Belladonna Couture has made a shortset perfect for summertime fun called Pewter Dots, in two-toned poka dot denim and sweet look-at-me accents, like the open belt and triangle top teasing underneathe this mid-drift-baring jacket.

Quickly becoming a trademark is Belladonna Couture’s trend towards multiple outfits in one box, really amping up the value.  The shortset hints at a bikini peeking out from beneathe, and sure enough…Abby didn’t disappoint, making Pewter Dots an all around fun-in-the-sun ensemble.  This outfit is also available in Royal Blue, for those who would like a brighter alternative.

Finishing off this look, what could be more playful to accent this cute outfit than leather laces with multi-colored beads from mE., along with two-toned eye makeup, with different hues on each eye from MONS and a kiss of blue lipstick from Izzie’s, makeup finds exclusive to the Summer Beauty Festival running now through May 25th.


Outfit:  Pewter Dots – Belladonna Couture

Hair: Shena – Vanity Hair

Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Festival in purple & blue – MONS at the Beauty Festival

Lipstick: Lipstick Blue, part of the Lace Masquerade collection – Izzie’s at the Beauty Festival

Necklace/Ring: Pansy Tropical – mE.

Bracelets: Mess of Bangles Silver & Stripe – Ear Candy

Nails: Mandala

Sandals: Audrey – Redgrave

Poses: R.icielli

Copper Twilight

Twilight…a time of dusky mystery that we usually associate with a smattering of stars.  This lovely dress named Copper by Belladonna Couture makes me think of a mysterious night-sky, but with a new color twist.  The bodice is a misty lingerie-style, with your choice of two skirt options, a double-tier formal or a flared cocktail skirt, all bedecked in a twinkling of stars.

To further the twilight theme, I’ve added two new makeup items from Izzie’s available now at the Summer Beauty Festival May 1 – 25, Lace Masquerade Makeup in Grass for a touch of mystery and Glitter Eye Makeup in Lemon for some added sparkle.


Dress: Copper – Belladonna Couture

Mask: Lace Masquerade Makeup in green – Summer Beauty Festival Special – Izzie’s at the Beauty Festival

Eye Makeup: Glitter Eye Makeup in Lemon – Summer Beauty Festival Special – Izzie’s at the Beauty Festival

Lipstick: Soft Kises – Madrid Solo

Necklace/Earrings: Selva on Earth in Brown – PurpleMoon

Bracelet: JW Quest O Quella Bracelet – Chop Zuey gift

Hair: Deanna – Bliss Couture

Shoes: 2 Year Pumps in Grass – The Dressing Room

Can’t help but chase the Matador

Is it just my imagination, or is something following me?  Well…it is certainly possible, I suppose.  With a tease and a taunt, like a matador’s cape Matador by Belladonna Couture beckons; “Come and get me”.

This hot little number is a mix of red leather and lace; seen in the sheer lace overskirt, edging the waistband and along the bottom of the swishy flared skirt. Paired with a bold off-the-shoulder blouse, this outfit is deserving of a hearty; “Ole.”

But what is underneathe is even more provocative.  When the “cape” comes off, this set includes a strapless bra and panties trimmed in lace flowers, leaves and hearts with matching red fishnet stockings.  No wonder I’m being followed.

Style Card:


Blouse, Skirt, Bra, Panties and Stockings:  Matador – Belladonna Couture

Shoes: Mum – Black & Red – Lindy


Hair: Lanna – Osmose

Flower Hat: Noir Roses Hat – Chignon – Osmose

Scarf: Sofitel – Angelwing

Earrings: Moon in Scorpio – Chop Zuey

Bracelets: Pearl Rain – Onyx – Mandala

Nails: Mandala

Poses: Glitterati

Weaving a web of silver thread

Black and silver…always better than black and white, because you sparkle; and this fun Opera set from Belladonna Couture does just that.  I love the casual ease of the half-Tee that at the same time is dressed up with silver bands at the sleeves and mid-drift.  The flared skirt is made for dancing.  Along with its natural, easy motion, the swirls of silvery horizontal stripes draw the eye to your legs.  The two-piece Opera outfit is also available in black with plum stripes.

You simply can’t go wrong with black and silver, because you have so much room to play with accessories to really make this outfit your own.  I chose magenta and lime as accents, and Finesmith‘s  Aesthetic Value – Fusion set and K-Code Purple Night boots were just the ticket.  This is one of my favorite parts of this outfit…if you look closely at my lips you will see not 1, but 4 different colors in the lipstick…how fun is that?  Lush Limited Apparel & Makeup is newer on my radar, but I love their Coco’s Colorblock Lip Stains to add a little funk to any outfit.

Carrying the horizontal striping from the skirt up, I’m wearing a headband from Lagyo in iron.  WTG Jewelry/Nail combo and black and silver heart earrings from the Cupid set, their St. Valentine’s Day gift for February, 2012, finish this ensemble.

Style Card

Outfit: Opera Black & Silver – Belladonna Couture


Hair: Liberty in Noisette – Vanity Hair

Headband: Leather Headband Iron – LaGyo

Necklace/Bracelet: Aesthetic Value – Fusion – Finesmith

Rings/Nails/Earrings: Cupid, February 2012 Group Gift – WTG

Shoes: Purple Night Boots – K-Code


Eye Makeup: Costa Rican Coast – [mock] Cosmetics & Jelly Bean Blueberry Lemon – Oceane’s Body Design

Lips: Coco’s Colorblock 2 – Lush Limited Apparel & Makeup

Emerald Isle Separates Come Together

It be that time o’ year when the wee folk dance and the lads and lassies drink green beer and everyone is Irish for a day.  And St. Patrick’s day would not be complete without a bit o’ green, brought to you by Belladonna Couture.

AbbyRose Abbot has outdone herself with a plethora of mix and match separates in Emerald Isle Green, perfect for the holiday, but also wonderful to coordinate with the pastels and brights of spring and summer.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Belladonna Couture is offering the full set through Saturday, March 17th, for a discounted $699L, after which they will be dissassembled into purchase separately pieces at their regular retail prices.

Two-tone Tank and Skirt

These pieces combine into a flirty St. Patrick’s Day dancing dress made up of the Two-toned off the shoulder tank and Green with Clover paneled skirt.  This tank is darling with asymetrical rusching along the empire waist and clover detail on the right shoulder.  The skirt has a hankerchief hem, longer in back than in the front, with clover stripes mixed into the two-tone panels and finished with a silver belt detail at the waist.

Pants Set

Not a clover in sight on these pieces, just a lovely spring to summer outfit that can be worn alone or split up into separates for a fresh vibrant punch of color.  Not just for the holiday, they pair strikingly with white, pastel yellow, even hot pink.  These versatile separates include a cropped jacked, wide belt-with-bow in grey and green, and green leather flared pants with back pocket details.

Short Set

Shorts do double-duty, acting as glitch pants under the skirt, but worn on their own, they have wonderful detailing including; green striped fabric, banded cuffs, slash front pockets, and back pocket detailing. Mix with the wide belt-with-bow in grey and green and the two tone tank to complete the look.


To cap off St. Patrick’s day, after a night of celebration, why not take a midnight swim in this holiday inspired bikini.  Being an Irish girl myself, I love the cute clover detailing on the low-rise bottom and left breast triangle of the top.  What a fun and sexy ensemble in which to perhaps…get lucky?

Style Card:

Clothing: Belladonna Couture Emerald Isle Mix and Match Set through March 17th

Belladonna Couture  Tank Two toned Green with Clover, Lime skirt belt with panels clover , Lime Cropped Jacket, Lime Wide belt-with-bow – grey and green, Green leather pants, Striped Shorts – Lime, Panty with clover lime, Bikini top with clover lime


Jewelry: WTG Clover Earrings/Necklace – March Gift Donna Flora Palma Bracelets/rings

Hair: Osmose Argentina

Nails: Purple Moon Metallic White Chalk

Shoes: B&G Rosy in Plata

Eye Makeup: Oceane’s Body Boutique –  Jelly Bean Orange Pineapple Sherbert Eyeshadow

Lashes: Redgrave Luscious

Lips: Izzie Lipgloss Red 1