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Off Kilter

My life has gotten a little off-kilter somehow, and my tendency now is to look for what I can change.  When it gets like this, I’m not looking for a small correction either, it means something drastic is about to happen..something drastic I am going to do…to force it to happen, because there is that part inside me that demands its voice and it says “Enough is enough.” I know, that sounds rather extremist, but it has never failed me before.

Rock This TownIn the past when things have really turned around have been those moments of sudden awareness and even anger when I took a stand and said “Stop…I am the maker of my destiny, and this is what we are doing now,” and I take my power back.  It is funny how it often takes the pain building up to the breaking point before one is reminded that we have that power.  Until then we go along, go along, because it is easier to float with the tide.

Rock This Town Close

When we let life sweep us this way and that, we ought not to be surprised to wake up and find we are in some strange and uncomfortable destination, and yet we usually are.  We wonder how things could possibly have gotten to this point.  It’s time to turn the rudder, rock the boat, drive a stake in the ground and mark the day.  Today is the day for reckoning, and change is on the horizon.


Hair: Strangelove Dark Brown – EMO-tions

Makeup: Pure Drama Red No Lip – Face Paint

Shirt/Blazer: Open Mesh Blazer with Tee Red – Shine for SL Buddy Walk

Purse: Flamingo Clutch Mango – HANDverk at L’accessoires

Shorts: Linda Mesh Shorts (Group Gift) – Blueberry

Stockings: Ripped Stockings – Erratic

Gloves: Leather Gloves Black – Izzie’s

Necklace: Zaza Necklace Color-change – Zibska

Boots: Black over-knee stretch boots – Baiastice

Lips: Dailyn Lipstick Dark Cherry – Izzie’s

Poses: Natya – Diesel Works and Model 127 – Focus Poses


Happy Summer…Happy Summer Separates

Today is the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of summer.  So, happy summer to you all, and…happy summertime separates.  It is time for brights and lights, beginning with silky mesh Baila pants from Blueberry.  Available in solids and a variety of prints, these are flow-with-you pants that are casual enough to layer over your favorite bathing suit or silky top, like my Oasis Champagne Silk from AngelWing. Combined with a short-sleeved sweater from elly, and you should stay comfortable even with a breeze off the water.

Also catching the breeze is my summertime jewelry, including this wood and metal Wild necklace from LaGyo, and Lush Limited’s Geometry shutter earrings in cool shades of blue and green.  The  earrings remind me of Asian lattice-work,  and the set includes the silver nose stud to add just a touch of exotic to any outfit.  The Geometry set is on sale now at the Fashion Cache through Friday the 22nd.   Lush has also revamped their flagship store with many new seasonal offerings, so take the Lush Limited taxi to have a look at all their new goodies.


Bolero: Bolero in blue – elly

Blouse: Oasis Champagne Silks – Angelwing

Pants: Baila Mesh Pants in Flowers in Orange – Blueberry

Earrings/Nose Stud: Geometry Shutter Earrings and Nose Ring – Lush Limited available at the Fashion Cache through June 22

Necklace: Wild Necklace – LaGyo

Belly Ring: Oasis Champagne Silks Belly Ring – Angelwing

Hair: Tiramisu – LOQ

Makeup: Ocean Breeze Heart’s Desire Makeover – [mock]

Poses: Agapee

Backdrop: Coastal Pack – PNP

Shopping Chic or Anytime Chic

I’m all ready for a day of shopping in my Blueberry Lena Mesh Jumpsuit.  This great outfit is easy, breezy, and curvy, coming in versions with or without the belt, so (Yay!) no resizing is required when you do choose to accessorize.  I accented the jumpsuit with a big floppy hat from Maya Sharpshire.  I’m loving this hat, and in fact, I have one in ever color, because it is versatile enough to wear with a bikini, a maxi dress, even country club attire for an added touch of chic.  Both the jumpsuit and the hat come in a wonderful range of colors so you can find the one (or many) that is just right for you.

Fun blue and silver accessories finish my look, including Boheme jewelry from Je Suis, and these darling nails from the Finesmith Summer Hunt that are just too cute, with little birds perched on the tips.  With a BIG bag from Handmade, I am all set to carry my many pixel purchases.


Outfit:  Lena Mesh Jumpsuit in Blue – Blueberry

Hat: Floppy Hat Blue – InWorld Inc. New Gen Plaza by Maya Sharpshire

Hair: Irina – Vanity Hair

Necklace/Earrings: Boheme Necklace and Earrings in Blue – Je Suis

Bracelet: Aria Bracelet – Finesmith

Nails: Birds Silver version (Summer Hunt Item) – Finesmith

Shoes: Audrey2 Sandals Color Change fatpack – Redgrave

Bag: Black Plain Bag – Handmade

Makeup: [mock]

Poses: Everglow and  Nieva Kumasi Poses (Are You Worthy? Collection)

Mint Chocolate Chip

My absolute favorite summertime treat is a Mint Chocolate Chip shake made fresh from the ice cream parlor, with just a dash of chocolate syrup blended in with the milk and mint ice cream.  Somehow the minty taste makes the drink seem that much cooler and refreshing.

My inspiration for this outfit came from Blueberry’s Mesh Skinny Pants Mias in Brown, which coordinate so well with chocolate and green accents, making me think of that minty goodness.  This outfit is a wonderful blending of some of our up-and-coming designers on the grid…so shake up your normal shopping haunts and give them a visit to add some new and wonderful things to your wardrobe.


Pants: Mesh Skinny Pants Mias in Brown – Blueberry

Chemise & Panties: Wine Booty Shortset – Graffitiwear

Bolero: Bolero in Green – elly

Belt: High waisted belt snake brown (part of the high-waisted skirt set) – Izzie’s

Shoes: Boula Heels in Brown Green – Blueberry

Hair: Kirby – Truth

Necklace/Earrings: Camelia – Kunglers

Bracelet: Dallagio Celtic Butterfly Bracelet – Alienbear

Nails: Manicure Set 3 – PIDIDDLE

Backdrop:  Cincetta Pack – PNP

Poses: R.icielli

Pink Phase

Didn’t we all go through a pink phase at some time in our life ladies? This outfit is reminiscent of my childhood love of pink, the pinker the better, with many fun pieces to share with you.  First, my Dino mesh vest from Secrets, with its cute dino waiting to pounce on you with a playful Rawr!.  This is a great piece to wear alone or layered over a bandeau, bikini, or t-shirt.  Since we are going casual, it just made since to add blue jeans, then continue my pink theme by making them pop with bubblegum pink Surprise boots covered in star flowers, both from Hot Stuff.

To round out my fun, I couldn’t resist Blueberry’s Flower ring to draw attention to these lovely patterned nails from Moondance Boutique.  Being newly introduced to Moondance, I was delighted with the variety of unique nail options they have.  They even carry nails for those of you in Petite form, because nothing says polished like a perfect set of pretty nails, no matter what size you are.


Shirt: Vest Mesh Rawr Dino – Secrets on Marketplace

Pants: Clodin Jeans in Blue – May Group Gift – Hot Stuff

Boots: Surprise Mesh Boots – Hot Stuff

Nails: Square Short Saffron Swirls 3d – Moondance Boutique

Ring: Flower Ring in Yellow – Blueberry

Bracelets: Idioma – Finesmith

Hair: Daydream Long Mesh – ploom at Collabor88

Makeup: Izzie’s & [mock]

Backdrop: Cincetta Pack – PNP

Poses: Pinup pack – Purple Poses at Perfect Wardrobe

Every Girl Needs a Sundress

Every girl needs a sundress, or two, or three or…..  There is nothing quite as casual, yet sexy as a short girly dress in stripes, solids, geometrics, or even satin sashed paisleys, and Blueberry‘s new Aika mesh sundress comes in all those varieties, 8 different styles and multitude of color combinations.

Here are just two of the paisley options in sherbert pretty colors.  First, the Summer in Orange with lavendar sash, a lovely color combo that is not often seen together. Paired with G Field Alex Patent Pumps with hi-heeled mary-jane styling and Exile Midnight in Paris hair with color change ribbon, I feel like such the girly-girl.

I also wanted to share Summer in Teal with orange sash, which indirectly, I had a hand in designing.  Blueberry made my day when she asked me to pick two colors that I love, and I suggested the teal and orange.  In a flash she had assembled it and passed it my way.  I was delighted and I hope you love it as much as I do.  Be sure to visit the store to see all the different designs and color combos this fun little dress comes in.


Dress:  Aika – Summer in Orange/Summer in Teal – Blueberry Colors United

Shoes: Alex Patent Pumps in Purple/Teal – G Field

Hair: Midnight in Paris – Exile

Nails: French Nails (w rings, jewels & color-change hud) – WTG

Makeup: Pandora’s Mizu Thunderbird (Lip/Lash) – [mock]

Poses: Manifeste

Petals on the wind…catch them if you can

A gentle breeze plays with my new Georgina hair from Truth, as it teasingly tries to pluck the rose petals one-by-one from my Fall Apart top by Blueberry.  This outfit is fresh, feminine and budding with a little bit of flirt.  Dressed up with a long skirt, or dressed down with a simple pair of white jeans, the fly-away petals remind me that spring is slipping away, while the floral pareo hints at the promise of summertime fun.


Blouse: Fall Apart Top in Pink & Red – Blueberry

Pants: Pie Jeans – White – Blueberry

Shoes: Boula in Brown & Green – Blueberry

Hair: Georgina – Truth

Pareo: Yani Bikini Floral Pareo (from Yani Bikini) – Badoura Design

Necklace: Muse Necklace (from Muse Outfit) – ALB

Poses: R.icielli